this is very overwhelming!!!

So i'm meeting with my aunt on saturday who is doing flowers for our wedding gift. I am so overwhelmed right now with thinking of what i want in my bouquet and don't even know where to start. i don't know what is a reasonable price or how much anything costs and because she is doing it as a gift i don't want to pick the most expensive flowers. I'M SO LOST RIGHT NOW!

Re: this is very overwhelming!!!

  • have you priced single flowers at a local florist?  Or even your grocery store florist?
    Then you will have an idea of pricing.  Check the online site too...they have flowers by month.  Then you can see what is in season or not.  I choose peonies and garden roses and they run about $3 to $4 a piece...but my wedding is in May.  The time of year will dictate prices.

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    If your aunt is a florist, she will be able to guide you. Ask her for recommendations. Take pictures of flowers and bouquets you like to the meeting.
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