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Bridesmaids in Different Styles?


Because of the size of my bridal party (9 bridesmaids) and age differences (19-34) in my bridesmaids, I wanted to give them all a choice of what style dress to wear.  I have picked out 3 different styles (strapless, one-shoulder, and one with straps) that are all same designer, length and color.  They will get to pick which style top they like the best.  

My question is - what are your thoughts on whether or not I need an even number of girls in each dress.  In other words, should I have the girls tell me their favorite 2 dresses then I will pick which of those two they wear so we it looks more balanced. Has anyone done this in their wedding that has any thoughts either way? My biggest concern is whether the pictures will turn out poorly if it's not balanced, but my initial thought was to just let them pick whichever style they liked best.  Thanks for the feedback!!

Re: Bridesmaids in Different Styles?

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    No, you do not need an even number of girls in each dress. They should each choose the dress that flatters them. 
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  • The pictures won't turn out poorly, because they are all going to be wearing dresses that make them comfortable and them being comfortable and happy will reflect in your pictures. No one is going to notice, stop overthinking it.
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  • I plan on simply giving my BP a colour and a fabric and letting them choose whatever they want (designer, style, etc). I don't think you need to have an even number of girls in each dress.

    Also, remember that if you're choosing the styles you still need to ask each girl *privately* for her budget and find styles that fit the lowest budget. It would suck as a BM to not be able to wear the dress I love because it's out of my price range.
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  • itzMSitzMS member
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    The last three weddings I was a part of who gave the choice of style:

    1. 4 bridesmaids in one style 1 in a different style
    2. All five in different styles
    3. 6 bridesmaids, only two had the same dress. But one of those girls was a size two (age 23), and the other was a size 20 (age 43), so they looked entirely different!

    It's no big deal!

  • 1) No, it doesn't have to be balanced, but...

    2) I have an OCD personality when it comes to symmetry, balance, and patterns.  (My FI wishes I was OCD about cleaning, but for some reason that trait skipped me :)... Anyways, for me, this would me an issue and I would want them to be balanced, but then I'm not really letting them pick am I, so...

    3) I'm letting them each pick a style from one brand that gives 50+ options in my color, fabric, and length.  If the dresses are all different, then there can be no symmetry or balance- thus relieving my OCD tendencies.  If you think the lack of balance will bother you, get more options so you can't make it balanced even if you try!
  • Your pictures wil look better if they feel confident and have a dress on that doens't ruin their figures.

    I always always notice BMs in dresses that are the  completely wrong cut for them, and wince on their behalf. 
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  • PrettyGirlLostPrettyGirlLost A Land Filled with Unicorns and Cat Hair member
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    You can avoid visual chaos w/o the need for the dresses to be matchy" or to be completely balanced.

    You can use accessories to visually unify all the BM's- same dress length, same/similar hair pieces, jewelry, sashes, shoes, bouquets, etc.

    That's the plan for my BM's.  I will give them a set of coordinating color swatches and a dress length, and then they are free to find whatever style dress they like the best in whatever price range they choose.  Then we will unify everyone as described above.

    I think the mismatched look when done right is very, very pretty and makes for lovely photos.  The only thing I really hate is mismatched lengths, but that is a personal preference.

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  • I let my girls each pick their own in the same designer, color, and fabric. And when we switched to black, I was going to go with different designers too but they all had found a dress that they liked so we just went ahead with the same designer.

    The only requirement I had was that they couldn't all be the same except for one. Even that is probably pickier than I needed to be, but I wanted it to look purposeful, not like one just got the wrong dress. And I told them if that's really what everyone else wanted, I would probably just deal with it. Luckily they all ended up liking different ones anyway.

    Anyway, I think you might have an easier time if you give them more than three options. We did Bill Levkoff chiffon and there were at least 30 choices. Chances are you would end up with enough mix that it wouldn't end up looking funny. And they still all look cohesive to me. Here's what my girls chose: 

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  • when i first started looking at BM's dresses I was going to have every pick out a style they liked as long as it was all one length and same material. I think you should let your BM's pick whatever dress they feel good in. The pictures will be fine bc it will be the same color and length.

  • I have 3 BM's and FI has a Groomswoman. He asked her to coordinate with the BM's. My only request was that the girls wear the same length (short), color and fabric. We went to David's Bridal and 2 of my 3 BM's loved one dress, while the other BM chose a dress that was simliar but has a different neckline. I am not sure what dress the GW will choose, she liked both. I just want them to be comfortable and feel confident in their dresses.

  • my girls all have diffrent body types  and budgets so I told them what designer, legnth , fabric and color and left the rest up to them. two of my girls picked the same but I think it will look fine. Most importatnly all of my friends feel beautiful and are happy with their dress:)
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