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May 2013 Weddings

22 days!! So many details left !

I thought I had everything down yet I feel like I have so much to do!
First few question I need to add my photographer and assistant to guest list right? As well as my fiancée and I? How come I didn't think about this?

Re: 22 days!! So many details left !

  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    Yes, add yourself and your FI in your guest count. Vendors are usually a discounted price so you should speak to your caterer/venue about that. We have 3 vendors (photographer, DJ and MC) and they're 1/2 price.

  • I am very glad you put that otherwise it probably wouldn't have entered my mind until the night before....I have 22 days left and feel like there are so many things I am forgetting!!
  • I know it's crazy!! N mine it's only a 60 guest ugh so you're date is?
  • May 18th :) We're probably gonna be around 100 and I feel confident in all the big things, just that I'm gonna forget something small and I am such a perfectionist that if I do it'll drive me crazy! :)
  • I am with you! 
    I'm also May 18 - and feel like there are many things on my list that have appeared out of nowhere! 
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