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Stressed Out!

Hello all, 

This is my first thread, and I am completely stressed out right now! My FI is down at MEPS right now getting his physical, and they told him he needs to be checked by another doctor before he will clear. They told him there is something wrong with his...... man parts, and it looks like a loose vein. He needs to have an ultrasound to be sure everything is okay.

Anyone else's FI/H have a medical problem during entry? I am completely freaked and worried. 

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Re: Stressed Out!

  • kyrgyzstankyrgyzstan
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    At MEPS for the Army they told me I was colorblind. I'm a girl, so that's statistically unlikely, and a civilian doctor who did MEPS for me for the Marine Corps, as I had to do a special MEPS because of an old medical issue, had cleared me 100 percent 4 months prior. MEPS is funny.
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  • I vowed a long time ago that I wouldn't let anything I can't control stress me out.  I'd be stressed all the time, especially in the military lifestyle.  I know it's easier said than done, but don't stress until he sees another doctor for a second opinion.  
  • My husband had to get a waiver because he couldn't walk like a duck or something, and he got one for his eyes I believe? For both he had to go to two different doctors to get cleared I believe. This was back in 2009 though so I'm pretty sure it's probably different now.

    So basically, ditto TX. You can't be stressed about things you can't control. Easier said than I done I know. 
  • When I was there someone didn't pass because they had too much ear wax.
  • This stuff happens ALL the time at MEPS.  Stressing out helps nothing.  Figure out what it is, get it checked out and THEN decide if it requires stress.  I used to work closely with MEPS on a daily basis.  This really does happen all the time and for some crazy stuff.
  • Okay, phew. Y'all have managed to make me feel better about the situation. THANK YOU for that! 

    We are just waiting now to find out when he gets to see the doctor. 

    I should switch gears and stress about the wedding instead of this :P
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  • Update: He's going back to MEPS on the 9th to see a doctor. Everyone keep your fingers crossed. 
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  • Well tomorrow is the day. He's leaving for downtown tonight to stay in a hotel beforehand. I hope it all goes well. 
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  • So, FI went to civilian doctor, through MEPS, and the doctor cleared him, and we are now waiting on the waiver to be sent in so he can swear in (which is awesome news and we are so excited)..... BUT I found out through this doctor that he might be interfile and we might not be able to have children in the future... I don't even know what to say. We won't know for sure until we either start trying to have kids, or he gets a test (he doesn't have insurance yet).

    I am open to adoption, but the thought of not being able to have his kids kind of breaks my heart.

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  • My mom is stressing me out, I can't stand her right now, I'm gonna end up telling her to back off and leave me alone!!! :( 
  • Just try to relax and breathe. There are always seconds opinions later on you can get.
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