Should I start looking for another florist??

I live in a really small town and there is 1 florist, grandmother of one of our groomsman owns it actually. We got engaged Jan 1st and I went in to their shop end of February to talk with them about doing the wedding. They told me it was too early to think about flowers and to make an appointment for a couple months later. This bothered me first of all because I know flowers can add up and I wanted a pretty good estimate for putting together my budget. I came back for an appointment on April 2nd. Everything went well and it was really easy because I had photos I brought with what I wanted. The designer told me it was standard for them to type up pricing and mail it out and that I could be expecting it by the end of that week. 3 weeks later I still haven't gotten anything....I called twice to check in and make sure it didn't get lost in the mail and both times her response was "I have it on my list to type up tomorrow". I also got the feeling they assumed they already had my business and that everyone that makes an appointment with them ends up booking them. I love their work but it's aggravating me that it's taking this long to get pricing and I want to make sure it fits in my budget!! Is this typical of a florist? Am I asking too much or should I look around for another one a little further away?
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Re: Should I start looking for another florist??

  • I would look around just to be safe...  You have 4 months:)

    I myself am doing paper flowers from a shop on etsy... I can't wait to see them! 

    Good luck!!

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    I would definitely go somewhere else.  Also, I don't think it's ever really too early to get a quote.  They are professionals.  They know what flowers are in season, what it costs, etc.  They don't sound like they want your business, so I would take it elsewhere.
  • 2 years is too early for a floral estimate..8 months is not!

    My florist got me the estimate we spoke about AT the meeting (handwritten) then typed it up and sent it to me within 48 hours.  Your situation is unprofessional.  I would shop around.  They may THINK they're the only florist in town but they likely are not.  The florist you choose may charge a delivery fee but they will deliver!
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