May 18, 2013 wedding

Hi all!

We're getting married near West Chester on May 18! It's at a private farm and is ALL outdoor with big tents. I'm starting to get really nervous about the weather. Other than google searches, anyone have any good long term weather forecast resources?


Re: May 18, 2013 wedding

  •  <-----You can see what the weather was like on your date in your area for years past to get an idea.

    Honestly though, weather is so unpredictable. FA might show you that in the past 5 years the weather was gorgeous on May 18, and yet this year it might rain like crazy. You really just never know. All you can do is have some sort of backup plan in case the weather makes it impossible to have the weather outside and a great attitude if you have to use it.
  • A wish and a prayer.

    ...and I also specialize in rain dances as well.  You can pay me in wine ;)

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  • I was married on May 18, 2012 and we stalked the weather for about two weeks leading up to the date.  It was looking pretty bad until a couple days before and we had the ceremony and cocktail hour outside. I thought the absolute worst!  Well, turns out it was the most beautiful day and reached the lower 70s!  It was the most perfect weather.  So basically, I wouldn't start looking yet.  It very well may change within the last few days and you don't want to drive yourself crazy at this stage in planning.  From one May 18th bride to another, I will keep my fingers crossed for amazing weather! :)
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