July 2014 Weddings


We booked our photographer and our DJ yesterday!!! I'm so excited. We're still so far out and there's so much that I just can't do yet, so it's exciting to feel like we accomplished something! Just had to share :)

Re: Progress!!

  • I totally get what you're saying. I have a lot of stuff planned and booked aready but there is so much I want to do that I can not do just yet. Is the photographer and DJ all you have booked so far? We have our venues, photographer, DJ, and hair salon booked. I want to do flowers but its a little early for that.
  • You're so far ahead of the game!! We're actually taking a little bit of a risk by booking vendors now because we actually can't book our reception venue until JULY (they open their calendar 12 months in advance - frustrating, right?). I'm pretty confident we'll get it though - it's not a super in-demand location.

    We HAVE booked the church for the ceremony though, and also our videographer. That's it. At least now that we have the photographer, I can start setting up our engagement session! Looking forward to that. :)
  • Yeah we are ahead of the game. Lol. Our reception venue does 2 years in advance and they fill quickly. When I called in December they already had 6 weddings for summer of 2014 booked already. That's good that you think you will be able to get the venue. The engagement pictures are fun. I loved getting ours taken. I even made some props to bring with. I am sure you will have a blast with yours.
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