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Getting in Shape

At-home/Hotel friendly Abs Routine?

Hello, looking for an at-home/hotel friendly abs routine. I googled and found a bunch that require stability balls and other stuff; looking for something that doesn't require more than a mat, stretching cord or elastic band (that I can toss into my suitcase). TIA. Warm weather is coming!

Re: At-home/Hotel friendly Abs Routine?

  • I shared this one awhile ago from JM.  No equipment, but it's rough!

  • You could also try just doing planks...no equipment required!

    I agree with Xcaly though, crunches, situps and bicycles!
  • I'm a fan of pilates for my abs/core.  I have a set of Windsor pilates dvds that I used for a while and they only required mat and a little space.  Eventually I got sick of waiting through all the descriptions though, so I typed them out and now I just do it on my own while watching tv.  Might be worth investing in something like that if you're going to be doing a lot of home/hotel workouts.  And I highly suggest writing it out and then you can do it at your own pace!
  • Love all of this! And I do have an iPhone and will check out the app. The YouTube workout looks great too. I will keep doing the classics as well. Thanks everyone.
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