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3 weeks!!! Yikes :)

Can't believe I'm getting married in 3 weeks!!!! The time is certainly flying by!
Where are you guys with planning? What do you have left to do?
Our RSVP deadline is on Monday (15th) and we still have about 20 missing, I expect we will be making lots of phone calls after Tuesday.
After that it's the fun of making a seating chart :)
I'm meeting with our organist next Sunday to pick the ceremony music (he's been very relaxed about it so I'm not stressing that it's almost at the last moment)
We have to make music selections for reception music (like the intro song for us and BP, mother son dance etc.)
Then final meeting with the photographer and then writing all those final checks...
I think that's pretty much it (except for packing for the HM!!!!) ... Feels weird to be almost done. I feel like I'm missing something....
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Re: 3 weeks!!! Yikes :)

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    WOO HOO! I'm at 3 weeks and 1 day and I cannot believe it! 

    Our RSVP deadline was Wednesday and we're still waiting on about 6 people. We got a lot more nos than I expected which is ok with me. There are a couple people that I was really, really bummed can't make it but what are ya gonna do. 

    I have to: 

    -Go over the ceremony with the officiant
    -Type up the names of everyone attending 
    -Type up the menu 
    -Get all of the above to the graphic designer so she can design, print, and send the programs, escort cards, and menus
    -Rent 2 vans for me and my BMs and FI and his GM to take to the winery from the hotel 
    -Pick up our marriage license from City Hall (we applied last Friday and there's a 72 hour waiting period in NJ so it's ready and waiting!)
    -Get my hair cut and highlighted next Saturday
    -Shop for the welcome bags and bathroom baskets
    -Print out the water bottle labels
    -Finish the music selections (I think I'll make a new thread about this in a minute, actually)
    -Come up with a list of pictures for the photographer
    -Decide on beer and liquor with the distributor 

    My goal is to have all of this done between now and next Sunday so that all I really have left to do is write a shlt ton of checks and get ready for our HM!

  • We have an extra week on you guys but I'm so excited and so excited for everyone else this month!  We are picking up the license next week (we took the week off to clean and get organized and as my mom will be here for the shower, I know i'll need the extra days!  lol) and just purchasing a lot of odds and ends.  Also printing and folding programs this weekend.  And the most exciting upcoming projectp? My bridal portraits are this weekend. Did everyone have their makeup and hair trials already?

    Good luck and congrats and here's to a stress free wedding and a fabulous marriage to you both!
  • I'm A Little Under 4wks.! I Still Have To Send The Final Must Have Shots To The Photographer, Meeting The Florist Tomorrow To Make A Final Payment And Drop Off The Centerpieces, we Just Finalized Our Menu Wednesday So We're Working On Printing The Menu Cards And Programs, Finish The Music List, Pick Up Our Marriage License, And Put Together The Favors. That's It. Sounds Like Alot But I'm Sure It's Not.
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