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Destination Wedding @ Norris Lake-HELP

I'm planning a lakehouse retreat for our closest family and friends for our wedding.  I'm looking for ceremony ideas.  Either at a marina, chapel, on the lake, I'm really just looking for fun interesting ideas for our ceremony in September.


Re: Destination Wedding @ Norris Lake-HELP

  • Hi Amy, I live just minutes from Norris Lake.  There are several marinas in the area...I'm not sure how many host weddings (I've only seen weddings done at Flat Hollow Resort), but if you go to www.norrislakemarinas.com it will give you a list of all the local marinas and how to contact them.  At the Flat Hollow wedding, they held the ceremony on the balcony of their lake house, and then had the reception at the marina restaurant.  There is another marina, Deerfield Resort, that is not listed on the Norris Lake site.  I used to work there and they have some beautiful lake houses.  You can find their info at www.deerfieldresort.com Also, if you wanted to consider an outdoor wedding, there is a lovely amphitheater in Norris Dam State Park, as well as the Tea Room right across the way to hold the reception. 


  • Hi Katie,
    Thank you for the additional info.  I did find one of the marina's that does weddings but flat hollow was not the one, so that adds another option for us. 

    I did find info on the tea room online and the amphitheater, however no photos of the amphiteather. 

    Thank you as well for the info on deerfield resort they were not on my list either. 

    Thank you so much!


  • I'm getting married at the tea room and amphitheater.  I've driven by the amphitheater and it seems pretty nice, but there is a play ground area and cabins pretty close to it.  I haven't been inside the actual tea room yet, but I've found quite a few pictures online and I have a photographer friend that shot a wedding there recently.  She told me that it's nice and cozy.  Since there's a lack of photos of the tea room and amphitheater on the TN state park website, I just did a google image search for "Norris Tea Room weddings, TN" and found a bunch of photographer blogs with tea room pictures in them.  Below are some that I found useful, but you may want to look around some more.



  • Inelson

    Thank you so  much for the post, the pictures help TONS!!!!!!  I think this would be a perfect outdoor location without going too far from Norris Lake. 

    Amy Jo
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_tennessee_destination-wedding-norris-lake?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:125Discussion:4198d18e-aabe-4c0c-956d-4262579154f1Post:41f3e475-ee75-4e47-9c85-c696c9e81e08">Re: Destination Wedding @ Norris Lake-HELP</a>:
    [QUOTE]Inelson Thank you so  much for the post, the pictures help TONS!!!!!!  I think this would be a perfect outdoor location without going too far from Norris Lake.  Amy Jo
    Posted by amyjo700[/QUOTE]

    Hi, we want to get married at Norris, I was curious how your wedding turned out and where you ended up having the ceremony and reception? Nicole
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