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Monthly Challenge ?'s and Intro (Sorry If It's Long!)

Hey ladies, I usually lurk and occasionally post, but with my cast coming off tomorrow (YAY!!) I want to be more active with this board.  It might take a few weeks before I can actually get back into the gym, depends on what the dr says tomorrow.  

I am very interested in doing the monthly challenges, but I'm curious as to how they work?  I would love to participate in the May challenge, even though I probably won't be able to do much right away.  Any guidance as to how to get started with the challenges.

I also want to introduce myself to the board, finally LOL.  I was an athlete in High School (cheerleading and softball).  I had knee surgeries, one on each knee and had to chose only one sport, so I chose cheerleading.  Began cheering in college and started experiencing pain in my knees again and my Dr. told me that I needed to stop cheering otherwise another surgery was going to happen.  (It was only scar-tissue build up, but I didn't want to have any more surgeries).  I stopped working out all together and put on so much weight (didn't help that I was in a horrible relationship and depressed and ate all the time because of it).  Fast forward to now, about 11 years, I'm still struggling a bit with the weight, but I have the diet under control.  Breaking my ankle def didn't help the working out situation, but I'm even more motivated than ever to get back in shape.  FI has been so supportive and we are each others motivation to get healthy and in shape.

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Re: Monthly Challenge ?'s and Intro (Sorry If It's Long!)

  • Hi and welcome!

    To join the challenge just pop on over to the google doc and fill out the spreadsheet. You make monthly goals, fitness or nutrition related that you're striving for. We track for the whole month in weekly increments, so every week just go in and update whether or not you reached your goals for the week. At the end of the month tally up how many weeks your reached your goals and you'll have that many entries into the prize for the month. 

    If you're unsure of your ability to workout, I'd suggest making some nutrition related goals for this month just so you can participate. Our May challenge isn't starting until the 4th though, so you have a week to figure out your goals still, so you may be able to put something workout related in. I'd suggest going to the doc and looking at other peoples goals to see kind of how it works. But otherwise, just feel free to join right in!
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  • Welcome to the board! And while focusing on food goals is good, you might also consider some strength training goals - that shouldn't negatively impact your leg injury :)

    Looking forward to seeing you around on accountability!
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    Thanks ladies!  I'm going to hold off officially joining the May challenge until after my dr. appt. today.  I just want to see what he says in terms of exercise and walking.

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