print you own invites from wal mart

Hey guys,
If I can get 100 print your own invites for $20 do you think it is worth the hassle of having to print them myself (or conning my mom into it!)?

Re: print you own invites from wal mart

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    It really depends on how much effort you want to put into them.  It was worth it for me to do this but totally up to you.  I really enjoyed the finished product and think that my guests will enjoy the hands on touch.  Check mine out.
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    I am printing my own.  The savings is pretty big, and I'd rather put that money towards something else since most poeple will just toss the invitation in the end.
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    So now that I all but convinced myself that it will be worth it to use the print-your-own, the ones that I was looking at getting for about half price aren't the right color blue and are a little boring...could probably dress them up a bit, but I can't decide if it would be worth the effort or if I should just look for other print-your-own options...?
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