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Being A Mom First..

My Daughters Allergies Are The Worst This Year. We've Had A Million Dr Appts And It Ended With Us Having To Take Her To See A Specialist And Her Getting A Nasal Drip And An Allergy Test Which Concluded That She Has To Get Allergy Shots Every Two Weeks. My Baby Is 6. And She's Terrified Of Shots. I Hate That We Have To Do This To Her. But It's For The Best. She's Getting Her First Shot The Day Before The Wedding. And With All The Dr Visits And CoPays And Meds, We Had To Cut The Open Bar For The Wedding. Sigh. But You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do. The Thing Is All The Guests Know Open Bar, And I Don't Wanna Call Everybody And Say Oh Hey, Bring Cash We Had To Cut The Bar. Don't Know What To Do Here. But As Long As My Baby Is Healthy.
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Re: Being A Mom First..

  • Yes.... KIDS ALWAYSSSS COME FIRST!!! pray in your lil momma is alright.. And you never know... something may happen to resolve the open bar thing.. Being mommy.. will always come first!! (Well to those who put their kids first).. luv ya girlie
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  • I so agree with the pp..i am a mom of a little busy but asthmatic 3 year old so i know how u feel but of course the little lady comes first don't worry about the bar im sure something will definitely fall through...ill be praying for you and your baby

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  • Prayers going up for your lil princess. Don't worry about the open bar right now. You definitely did the right thing by taking care of yhour daughter first. Keep focus and Im sure something will come to you in your favor.
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  • Yes hun..I totally feel you. The babies definitly come first. We decided to cut our open bar too but for other personal reasons. But I have come to grips with offering a cash bar. I know its a no no but most of my guest is more accepting to the cash bar than to no bar at all. I feel bad .but what can you do. You still gotta live after the wedding.
  • the princess comes first and people will be ok.this is not the first wedding with a cash bar....sending love and prayers for the baby

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • Don't stress over it.  You are doing the right thing by putting the health of your child first.  You can still let your guests know by word of mouth that they should bring cash.  And you can also have a nice sign at the front of the bar that says  "Nonalcoholic drinks are compliments of the bride and groom." They will get the message.  Map out where the closest ATMs are so whoever your host or hostess is can tell guests where they can get cash if they didn't bring any.  Beyond that, enjoy your day because the most important thing is YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!
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