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Military Brides

Civilian and Military Groomsmen

OKAY so this isn't really a question as to what looks best with the army dress blues because I've read that the basic black suit is the "equivalent"  but tbh I'm no fashionista !  Like I have no idea when colors clash haha.  My "theme" which is a popular theme is the rustic vintage theme so I was thinking gray suits.  but I get "ick" faces from people when I say that... sooo bad idea?  I need fashion help!! haha!!
Oh I guess I should mention that my FI is Army and 2 groomsmen are as well and will be wearing dress blues and his 2 brothers are also groomsmen and not in the military.  I originally told them that they could just pick whatever they wanted, but I keep getting asked to pick out what they should wear.   Anyways what I'm really after are pictures of mixed civilian and military groomsmen.  I've been googling and haven't really seen anything!! 

So I guess this is a question about what looks best... but I just need to see what it looks like... 

BTW I have to mention that every time I come to this board now a days there's always a new post about wedding colors and what would match uniforms!  I applaud you all who answer the same question OVER and OVER!!  If only they would scroll two posts down ... just sayin!! 

Thanks peeps!!! 

... and since I really don't care what they wear maybe I'll just find the most basic black suit I can find and be done with it!  what ya'll think?

Re: Civilian and Military Groomsmen

  • I would keep it simple.  Just remember, the suit the civilians wear should match the formality of the uniform.  If he's wearing it with a neck tie, a regular suit will be fine.  I would even consider a great suit.  I love grey suits and I love it with the vintage theme.  
    If he's wearing his uniform as the formal uniform with the bow tie, you should choose a tux with bow tie.  I would consider something darker like a simple black tux.  
  • Yeah, told FI it was up to him on what he wanted to wear and then he said it's up to me. Haha..  so probably just a neck tie, but we're still undecided... but I was thinking something like this for the groomsmen. 

    my bridesmaids are wearing light blue and mint green

    what ya think? 
    or just black?
  • Do you have a pic of the dresses?
  • Nothing has been officially decided upon but these are the ones in the running





  • Since your dresses are more semi-formal, I think the grey suit is perfect.  I like it.  
  • amazing!!!  thank you!! 

    I think that is what I'll go with :)
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