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Hello Brides.  I am getting married on the lawn in front of the maritime museum in September.  When I was there over the weekend I realized there is a garbage can bolted to the dock right where our officant was going to stand.  Has anyone come across this problem?  I am pretty upset about it considering what we paid to use that space.  Trust me I understand why the cans are there.  I am just not sure as to why they placed them where they did.

Re: Marshes Light House Brides

  • I know of one other bride who had their ceremony there, in looking at her pictures, I don't notice a trash can in them, looks like they were lined up on steps underneath the bell, not sure if that helps you or not? Could you maybe cover the trash can?
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  • We are not having the ceremony on the lighthouse boardwalk.  We are on the grass in front of the lighthouse.
  • The latest on the OBXWA blog shows a ceremony there and I don't see a garbage can unless they just added is the link...

  • funny you would send me that because my wedding planner was also the planner for that wedding.  She sent me some pictures from the wedding.  They have the ceremony further back than I envisioned it and also off to the side.  You can still see it in the ceremony picture between the first and second bridesmaid.  It is hardly noticible though in those pictures.  It made me feel a lot better.
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