Private Estate Recommendations Needed

My dream is to get married at a private house/estate that has an oceanfront view or at least a waterfront view. The ideal scenario is to do this on the seacoast of NH, Maine or Mass....ideally somewhere near NH though. I want an outdoor wedding - so I'm mainly looking for a property that has a great lawn in which we can pitch a tent. I'm hoping people can give me ideas/recommendations as I'm having a hard time finding private residences that are allowed to having weddings. Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: Private Estate Recommendations Needed

  • Have you tried to look on or

    I know some people have had luck on there.
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  • If you go this route I urge you to be very very careful, I though about doing this but then read a post from hell on weddingbee that sent me running the other way. Each town has different ordinances, so you will need to contact teh town/city directly of the house you want to rent to make sure that you can rent a house and that you also secure all permits that would be needed. If you leave it up to the owners and they say 'you're goo' you may find out a week before your wedding that they can't have the event on property. Private homes, when not owned by your family, can be really tricky, especially with big weddings, so I just urge caution and make sure you cover all your bases. 
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