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$.33 stamps?

I just got my Save the Dates postcards.  I went to the USPS site to get my stamps... but they only have 1 $.33 stamp option... and it's apple-themed.  

The whole point of the postcards was to save a little $$ on stamps and envelopes.  But now it's looking like I might end up paying more for wedding-themed stamps anyways.  Does anyone know of a site that sells wedding--themed postcard stamps at a reasonable price?  I went on zazzle, but they seem pretty pricey. I think it's cheaper to get a Forever stamp for $.46 than it is to buy from them.  

Would love any input you more experienced brides-to-be or brides might have!

Re: $.33 stamps?

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    When was the last time you looked at a stamp on an envelope? I thought I needed wedding stamps, too. I spent hours on Zazzle and other sites looking at them. Suddenly I woke up and got over it and regretted that wasted time. Get the apple stamps.
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  • mlg78mlg78 member
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    For wedding invitations I can see maybe wanting something to look wedding-ish but it's a STD...  My wedding invitation stamps actually say "celebrate" and one of the colors happens to be purple which matches my invite.  Nothing wedding related at all.
  • I just mailed my STDs with the $.33 apple stamps. And some with Christmas $.37 stamps I found lying around. No one will care. Save yourself the money.
  • Trust me, other than my crazy husband, no one will care about your post card stamps. It's not worth the money.
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    Ditto PP. My RSVP cards were postcards and I used the apple stamps on them. Nobody's going to notice the stamp. Save your money.

  • My save the date postcards went out in December with Hawaiin shirt stamps. Not a word was mentioned.
  • Hah, I just looked in my purse and found one of those RSVP I've been meaning to mail (not late! not due until 4/26). Look what's on there...

  • My husband insisted we get Pixar stamps for our wedding invites. It took 5 trips to 3 different post offices to collect enough. Do you think anyone noticed or cared? No. 
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  • I think if you take them to the post office without stamps and ask them to mark them it will just get a bulk mail postmark type stamp which avoids having to actually place sticker stamps on the cards.
  • Thanks ladies!!  I appreciate the sanity check :).  I'll definitely go with apple stamps or the bulk postmark.
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