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Blue tint glass/jars Toronto

Any suggestions on where to find blue tint glass vases or mason jars in Toronto? Preferably in bulk and not too expensive!

Re: Blue tint glass/jars Toronto

  • You can try some of the flea markets.  As for mason jars, those come pretty cheap already.  You can tint/paint them yourself...would definitely cost less.
  • vintage blue mason jars are VERY expensive.. they're seen as a collectible item. On sites like Etsy they go pretty steep, even have seen some recenlty on craigslist that were like $12 each. 

    a simple google or pitnerest search will show you how to DIY them. i have made about 100 for my wedding in september. if your wedding is after that and you live in my vicinity, pm me, we can talk.. i'll gladly sell mine! no use for 100 mason jars in my house! i'd like to think i did a good job... cases of mason jars run for about $15/dozen at canadian tire/walmart. 
  • DIY sounds like a good solution! My wedding's in May - soon! Thanks for the offer, though.
  • it's really simple to do. the pain i used is called Vitrea, used a teal colour. You also need to get the thinner in order to get that 'see thru' look. It's available at Michaels and De Serres.
  • Ditto DIY/painting them.  Mason jars can be expensive but there's lots of cheap glassware at Dollarama that you could use.

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