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I am looking for ideas for fun, upbeat country songs that would be good/appropriate for a reception. I know some are upbeat but not really fitting for a wedding.. you know hat I mean? I like some country music and I'd like to play some of the fun coutry songs at the reception. Just want it to make sense. Thanks! :)

Re: reception songs

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    I'm looking for these right now too. I can find plenty of other music but I need some good country ones....

    so far I have:
    watermelon crawl
    some girls do
    boot scootin boogie
    forever and ever amen
    god bless texas (my groom/his fam/friends are texans)
    I'm from the country
    honkeytonk badonkadonk
    keep your hands to yourself

    it's hard! most of the sweet ones are slow.

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    also, for some reason it wouldn't let me post the word h0nkey, lol
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    sugarland - all i wanna do
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    Sugarland has a few good ones. 
    Joe Nichols- Gimmee That Girl
    Kenny Chesney - Young,  Live Those Songs, 

    We are having a lot of country but I'm drawing a blank right now. 

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    She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy -- Kenny Chesney
    This One's For All the Girls -- Martina McBride

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