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Hey ladies!

My session today was cancelled, so its turned into wedding decor day! My stepmother and I are going shopping for lots of little touches. Big thing I want figured out is how we're decorating the jars for the favors (just fabric and ribbon or twine).

She also just told me last night that the theme for my shower is going to be baking and canning. Which is awesome, cause I love both of those things. However, one of her ideas is to have everyone bring a recipe. That would normally be fine, except I'm allergic to gluten and won't be able to make any recipes that people bring, LOL. I'll just smile and say thank you!


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Re: Weekend Wedding Stuff

  • Maybe they can find you some awesome gluten free recipies?!

    Im going to go thru all the wedding stuff we have and figure out what we are not using and what we are using. I also need to make a list of things to do still. I kinda had a breakdown last night and got all zilla on FI. It kinda just hit me that its only 4 months away & I feel like I have SO much to do! While he is all like "what do you mean we have so much to do?! you're crazy!" He just doesnt get it.
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  • Hrm... is it possible for recipes to be modified to be gluten free?  Like, substituting gluten free flour?  
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:1b653ec0-66d5-4666-8203-5448280d3914Post:0dea04e8-2c8e-46b2-8c0b-c9205446b3a2">Re: Weekend Wedding Stuff</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hrm... is it possible for recipes to be modified to be gluten free?  Like, substituting gluten free flour?  
    Posted by Peledreamsofrain[/QUOTE]

    That works for some things, others not so much. The thought is really nice, so I'm just going to roll with it and see what happens. :-)


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