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Nerd Favors... halp.

Hello, first time poster here!

So I was thinking about favors for my wedding next May and I need ideas.  I wanted to do something that would kinda express mine and my husband to be's personalities.  That being said, I'm a writer/librarian and he's a mechanical engineer.  Yes, both nerds.  Embrace it!  I am also pretty good at baking.  Our color is likely purple, but I also love brown... though I've been told that purple and brown just don't go together.

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!

Re: Nerd Favors... halp.

  • A "nerd" theme sounds really cute.  There should be some edible ways to incorporate this: cookies that look like books, calculators; a uniquely decorated cake; pi pie.  Keep in mind with that with favors edible is the best.
    Purple and brown look nice together imo.
    Good luck with your planning!
  • My DH and son make the Big Bang Theory look kinda normal.  I am surrounded by nerd and wierd.  DS is begging me to let him wear his Star Wars tie to prom.  I told him to ask his date (who is a bit nerdy herself and quite lovely).

    I'm sure this doesn't even exist but maybe will spur an idea from someone else.  Cookies in the shape of books with something like "Quantum Physics" written on them would embody both of your worlds.  Who doesn't love cookies?
  • I do like the idea of cookies.   Could certainly shape them like books and calculators and things.  That wouldn't be difficult.... Hmm!  Thanks for the suggestions.  Of course I've got over a year to make these decisions so I'll probably change my mind 6 more times!  Hehe.
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