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PTRose-cake tasting

How was your cake tasting? Did you pick something out?

We went with my mom and MOH and there really wasn't that much cake. Between sharing a small amount of cake with 3 other people and the fact that I skipped a second taste of any I didn't like, I probably only had about 1/4 of a regular slice of cake so I'm feeling good about my food intake.

We are doing a four tier cake. Two tiers will be strawberry shortcake and two will be red velvet with cream cheese filling. It is white with multiple colors and types of flowers cascading.

Re: PTRose-cake tasting

  • Glad to hear yours went well- sounds like it will be delicious :)

     We went with my mom, and there wasn't as much cake or icing as I thought there would  be.  I counted myself as having a full slice, but I don't think I actually did.  I didn't even try 2 of the flavors, I am not much of a fruit flavored cake person- I left that up to my mom and FI, who didn't really enjoy them that much anyway.

    We are going to do a 5 tier cake, 3 tiers of pumpkin cake with carmel buttercream, and 2 tiers of chocolate chip pound cake with vanilla buttercream.  The pumpkin sounded strange, but was so good- and will be great for a November wedding.  It's going to be fondant covered in navy fondant, with 3 of the tiers having a crisscross pattern of fuchsia string icing that matches the back of my save the dates, and 2 tiers with a fuchsia fondant ribbon around the middle.  The whole thing will also have gumpaste flowers on the top, and then alternating on the odd # tiers as well.  Sounds complicated, but it will be pretty.

    The tasting overall was so worth it, I felt like I was actually enjoying the calories that I had exercised for this am.  Can't wait to see pics of your cake!  When is your wedding again?
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  • Great! Our cake will look like this but with four tiers and the flowers will be our wedding colors: bright pinks, purples, and peach.

    I'm not usually into the fruit ones either. In fact, I was dead set against fruit until I tried the strawberry shortcake one. The strawberries were actually fresh not that gross jelly/jam stuff.

    I love both of your cake flavors. I am a big pound cake and pumpkin anything person. It sounds lovely.

    Our wedding is July 5.
  • Oh that's gorgeous!  Strawberry shortcake will be very fitting for a summer wedding too. Yay!
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  • I'm sorry to hijack your post. AndreaJulia, are you getting married in NJ? I remember you said you moved away but can't remember if you mentioned where your wedding is. Both of your cakes sound great! Glad you enjoyed the tasting.
  • Yes, in Hoboken! I tried to book your MUA but she had a wedding already.
  • Wait I think that is incorrect. I think I am using your MUA. Dona Massa?
  • *ease drop* 

    caaaaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeee... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    *end ease drop* 
  • I used Amy Jones. I remember when we talked about this. Glad you found someone... I heard good things about Donna on our local board. I really could go for some CAKE.
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