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Hi ladies! This is my first post so please forgive me if I don't use the right lingo/abbreviations! I am getting married in Little Rock in May and I have a block of guest rooms reserved at the Peabody. I knew there was talk about it being sold to Marriott but I didn't know when everything was going to happen. Well, apparently it's happening this week. I just read that this Wednesday is the head chef's last day, along with the general manager and several "other managers." The name and ducks stay for another 30-60 days but then those go too. The article also said the new owners are planning $16 million in renovations and upgrades but didn't say when those will start.

I'm slightly freaking out! If the new Marriott raises their rates, will they still honor the rate the Peabody quoted me and that I've shared on our wedding website? And how can I find out if there will be construction going on while my guests are there? They haven't hired a new general manager yet so I don't know who to ask. Any brides been through this before and can tell me that it all worked out fine???

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  • 501-906-4000 is their front desk number. It will probably take a lot of phone-tag, but the Peabody/Marriott will work with you and more than likely, Mariott will honor any agreements that were set forth by the Peabody. I think you should call and ask, suffer being shuffled back and forth, until you get an answer. To  not honor your agreement would be a horrible way to for the Mariot to do business. I know this must be very stressful for you, but this negotiation has been going on a lot longer than the media let on. You see, I work at the statehouse convention center and we do a lot of business with the Peabody. Any events we had booked here that were scheduled to be catered by the Peabody will be catered by the Mariot instead. They are making the switch as seamless as possible. The employees stopped clocking in as "Peabody" employees today and will clock in as "Mariot" employees starting Monday. They really are trying to make the transition as smooth as possible. I hope you get in contact with who you need to and that it all works out. Give them a call. Their customer service desk is wonderfully friendly.
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  • Thank you, fschuller! I am relieved to hear the Marriott will still be honoring the Peabody's commitments to the Convention Center. I will give phone-tag a try and see if I can find out when renovations are supposed to start. If you find out anything from your work, let me know please!
  • I'm sending you a PM with this, too. I got a called from the bridal coordinator from the Peabody and I mentioned that you were concerned about your reservations. She sent me her contact info and told me to talk to you! So, here you are. Someone you can contact directly if you haven't already. She's very nice.



    Anne Baker
    Social Catering Manager


    The Peabody Little Rock

    (soon to be the Little Rock Marriott)
    Three Statehouse Plaza | Little Rock, AR | 72201
    P: 501.399.8044 | F: 501.399.8027

    [email protected]

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