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Confessions and vents...now's your chance to get 'em out!!

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  • Confession: My calligraphy hasn't gotten much better, but my ability to hide the fact that I'm doing calligraphy at work has improved 300%.

    Vent: I left work early yesterday because business is slow. I thought I was helping out so she wouldn't have to pay me for the time. Well, the internet provider had problems after I left, and my boss is treating me like it's my fault because I left. And she called me at home because she couldn't find her keys. So immature...

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  • Confession: Our invites to everything (wedding&bridal shower) are going to be late. :/

    Vent:I'm getting really frustrated with FI. Before we announced our engagement we had a marriage license and we had a plan, then he decided he wanted a big wedding. I fully support this, and I admit that it does mean a lot to me too, but I wish he'd help more! I feel like he's the one that came up with the idea and now I'm stressing and he's not.
  • Confession: I am over wedding planning. So completely over it.

    Vent: My mother decided to ask our boss to sing at my reception. WTF, Mom? You didn't ask me first? She also wants to dance with me. I don't want to dance with her! This instance is most likely why I am over my wedding and its planning.
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  • Confession: I'm really starting to worry about finances, especially about the wedding. A little over 2 months, I`m still looking for work and with all fi`s family stuff happening last week, he missed a week and a half of work. So we`re hoping for a miracle at this point

    Vent: I really want fi to help me out more, with planning for this wedding or even house work. Right now I do all our laundry and the dishes and keep our room tidy. We have a roommate who also does dishes, we tend to switch between me and him doing them, but fi doesn`t do them often at all. Just frustrating.
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  • I think this is a combination confession & vent!

    First, I've been helping my Mom plan my bridal shower... she lives in San Diego and we're having the shower in LA, where I live. 

    At first I didn't mind scouting a few places to suggest but it's turned into a fiasco just to set a date that all the VIPS could agree on and be available for, not to mention figure out the budget that she is comfortable spending. 

    We've gone round and round in circles for the last few weeks... different dates, different venues, different costs, etc. and the whole time I've been the one handling all the details and proposing all the options. I'm so exhausted at this point that I don't even care about the freaking shower anymore! 

    We finally got it squared away yesterday. I booked the restaurant and my Mom confirmed this morning that she ordered the invitations and will have them out by the 10th. The shower will be on May 4th, hopefully that is enough notice for the guests.

    Second, my FMIL still hasn't booked the restaurant for the Rehearsal Dinner!!! WTF?

    We found the restaurant weeks ago! She's had all the information all this time and she still hasn't bothered to actually book it! Why??? 

    On top of that, she's insisting that we have a Rehearsal Luncheon instead of a dinner. I can't figure out why... and I don't want to be rude. She just has this idea that we should do it early so we won't be out late the night before the wedding.

    I haven't told my Mom yet, mainly because we don't even have it set, but I know she won't be happy that it's a luncheon instead of a dinner. It doesn't really make any sense. Ugh! 

    ~Secret confession (I know this is totally against etiquette)~ 

    FMIL is insisting on hosting a second shower in my honor, for the sole purpose of inviting her friends (all of whom are NOT invited to the wedding!). I've tried to decline this shower and further explain that it is horribly rude to invite people to a pre-wedding party when they are not invited to the wedding, but she doesn't care. 

    We can't accommodate ALL of her friends, (she gave us a list of 15 people; seven couples and one single). We allowed for two couples but she refused to invite anyone, other than her single best friend, because she didn't want to offend the rest of her friends. So now she has this idea that having a shower to invite them to will be a better compromise.

    I don't know what to do other than to just go along with it and be gracious. I don't know any of these people! But I do have a feeling that she's more excited about this shower that she's planning then the rehearsal dinner -which is the reason I think she hasn't bothered to book the flippin' restaurant! Grrrr

  • At this point I could care less about my shower too.
  • Confession, My sister is getting married for the 3rd time, and I don't really want to go. This is the 3rd guy in 4 years that she's been engaged to. I only consider her second husband my Brother In Law, since he's the dad of my nieces and nephew.
    Vent- My bridal shower was this past Sat (not the perfect weekend I know, but my MOH was in from out of the state), and hardly anyone showed. That's not the part that bothers me (we still had a great time). Hardly anyone RSVPed, and my MOH made all the invites by hand and they were beautiful!!! She paid for everything and had to plan on extra people, eventhough they didn't show. How rude to not RSVP!! I am NOT following up with people for the wedding. The got the Save the Dates, all the women were invited to the bridal shower. If I don't get an RSVP, they can come to the ceremony (opened to our whole church), but they will NOT be at the reception. I'll put all of those who did RSVP on a list and have "bouncers'. I am so hurt that people FI and I care about couln't be bothered to send a bloody email. ARGH!!
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  • Confession: i need a vacation big time, working one full time job and one part time job it tough!

    Vent: half of my guests said they are 100% in but haven't booked there hotels yet =(
  • I know it's way past thursay, but I wanna get this off my chest now. 

    Confession and Vent:

    I quit my job the other day, then they gave me a raise. What idiots! I told them before they did my eval so I wouldn't have to sit through him telling me (AGAIN) how much I suck at everything and how since I've started school I can't do anything right. I am seriously so sick and tired of my job I really don't want to fufill my notice. Once I got in trouble for going to the restroom while he was on the phone, so last week he was interviewing someone so I didn't go to lunch at my usual time so that I would be there to answer any phone calls. So like 15 minutes past my lunch time hes all like "Are you not going to lunch?!?!" I was like I guess soooo.. Then I came back that same day from lunch and he tried to grab something that was under 4 notepads in our supply cabinet and he knocked all of them over. He said "Thats not a good place for those, excpecially if I am doing this one-handed!". Well darn, I didn't consider that. *Rolls eyes*

    So I got my raise and he begins to tell me how good of a job I'm doing? WTF?? Ugh, anyways, at least I don't have to work in a month. Concentrate on school.

    Now wedding related - My MIL ditched me when we were supposed to work on invites, I have my mom help me today, she calls and says oh I won't be able to make it. 

    At least I have a bottle of wine. 
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