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Getting in Shape

Sunday Accountability.. or chit chat

Because let's face it.. It's Sunday. And Easter. And there are new
Walking Dead
Game of Thrones

So... is anyone really planning to work out today?! lol
What are the Easter plans? 
We have none. I'm currently making pho, quinoa, pesto, and chocolate mousse (huge batches of all, then I don't have to cook much throughout the week) 

Got back from our backpacking trip! It was pretty interesting.. Definitely on the low end up beautiful trips, but it's a little unfair to compare flat Alabama to the mountains of the PNW. Plus they had a TON of controlled burning that just happened.. Not sure why, but it kinda ruined the feeling of being in the clean, crisp outdoors! lol
But we did see lizards, armadillos, and a TON of turtles so that was pretty rad! And there was an odd beauty about the burning.. H is out of backpacking shape, though, and his feet were killing him. I will certainly have bruising on my hip bones, but that always happens. I have boney hips. Oh well. 
Anyway, that was a kickbutt two-day work out, and today shall be a rest day to get back at the gym tomorrow! 

Some pics of the trip.. 

 All the burning.. So strange. And kinda whoville-like

 Not sure why I look a little scrawny in the arms here, but I just want to point out my gear. I use an REI backpack that is AMAZING (H is super envious.. he drools over all the little bells and whistles but can't justify a new one for him because his is still in perfect condition), My LLL Cool Racerback Tank, and of course.. A Washington Huskies hat ;) haha You can't see my pants, but they are the Studio Pant (LLL) and the only pant/crop I will hike or backpack in. 

Easter weekend.. and an Armadillo.. 

Re: Sunday Accountability.. or chit chat

  • Yeah, I liked the areas that were super whoville-like, but it was a LOT of burn. More burn than greenery, and that was kind of a bummer.. I'm not sure why they decided to do so much.. Maybe getting ready for the summer heat? It would have been cool if there had been smoulder! 

    Glad you got a great weekend in! It's always great to see old friends :) 
    Are you wanting finger food style dessert or a big dessert that will be cut into? 
  • DH and I are Orthodox so Easter is not until May for us this year. So yes I am working out today! My gym runs special holiday class schedules (usually Body Pump and other cardio classes for all those people who want to burn off their holiday binge) but today, miracle of miracles, they're running Flow! So I am very excited. And my OOT BFF is coming over later today and bringing me cake. Yay!
  • @Lia -o0o0o You can't go wrong with angel food cake! That's one that pleases everyone... Especially because if they don't like the cake, they can still have strawberries and whipped cream :o

    @Kwith- I really like the Vikings show. It's not as "showy" as Game of Thrones, but it's a History Channel show so.. it's more about the historical accuracy. But it's REALLY well done. 
    Yeah, California does a lot of control burning as well, but they usually fail at it and it turns into a wildfire -__- lol 
    It was still a good hike, and I look forward to more. It was great to get out the packs and in the woods. Plus, since it's a holiday weekend NO ONE was there. Pretty nice :) 
    Go kill it on your run! You have been so diligent with your training, that of course the time flew by! But you're ready. :) You have someone going with a camera to get shots of you right?! 

    @Unchaten- that's awesome! I love Body Flow on the weekends.. It is a great way to feel like you're actually using your weekend to relax and recoup! 
  • Happy easter everyone! I've been bad about working out on weekends so I probably won't do anything today. I'll get back on it tomorrow. I'm actually working today before and after Easter lunch. So....I have a fun day planned out :-)

  • kwith, that's the backpacking that I'm CRAZY excited about! That won't be happening until fall, though, as April is filled up, I'll be in Seattle May-June, and the summer months are apparently too hot to backpack that area. :) 
    H is from Chattanooga so he has backpacked aaaaalll the TN/ N. GA area. I can't wait! That will be REAL backpacking, and super nostalgic for him. But that's also a 7 hour drive, which is why we can't just make that a random weekend trip. Those trips will be planned to stop and see his family in Chattanooga (hopefully his parents will come on a couple trips as well) to help break up the journey. 

    Sorry it wasn't the best feeling run :/ Sounds like you managed to push yourself through it, though. Ah, yes. I always forget that they have race photographers there. We better get to see a HUGE smile on your face in those ;) hehehe
  • Drinking rye and sweet tea? 
    I think this is southern language.. What does that mean?! lol. H informed me on what "sweet tea" is, but the rye part? 

    bahahaha.. Yeah.. I think I have been to Walmart maybe twice in my life.. Nnnnope. No thanks. 
  • o0o0o0o whiiiskeyyy I have never heard it called just "rye" before. Interesting. Learn something new every day! haha.... 

  • hahahaha Looooove it. Yeah, I knew there were different types. Just never heard someone call it that.. but I also don't know many whiskey drinkers, to be honest. I'm a gin-drinker myself. You are kinda a bada$$ in my head to handling that stuff :P 

    No April Fools Day plans.. I forgot it was even EASTER, so.. yeah.. right.. April Fools.. may need to think on that one. lol
  • I love New Deal! We always popped into their distillery when visiting Portland! 

    If you like them, you would LOVE Aviation Gin. I think it was ranked #4 in the top ten best new gins this year. It is absolutely the smoothest gin I have ever had.. I always end up pouring huge shots of it because it's so dang good. They are also from Portland.. Man that state knows its gin.. 

    ETA: In fact.. looks like New Deal also ranked up ! 
  • In Response to Re: Sunday Accountability.. or chit chat:
    o0o0o0o whiiiskeyyy I have never heard it called just "rye" before. Interesting. Learn something new every day! haha.... 
    Posted by firsttimersluck
    Lots of Canucks call whiskey "rye" - not just a southern US thing.
  • Hello folks! Decided to check in today, since all the funeral and family stuff has passed now. As expected, in the last 5 days, we ended up having wonky eating schedules. On days like yesterday, we didn't eat much in the morning (I had some rice krispies with all bran flakes added for breakfast, but then I didn't get to eat again until 3pm). So fi and I went to Wendy's for supper.
    We also ate some chocolate this week with no workouts, besides what the wii gives you when you try and beat a boss on Zelda lol.

    But today was much better. I went to the gym with some friends, and worked out for an hour and a half. 10 minutes on the stair master, 25 on the elliptical, then strength training. I upped all my weights that I lift by 5lbs today too. Time to get back into my routine. I will probably start my tracking of food again tomorrow.

    Tonight I'll be making a pork roast for Easter dinner, can't wait!
    Married as of June 22, 2013!!!

  • Just signed up for the April GIS challenge. I mostly post on my month board but decided to join you ladies since I recently signed up for a half marathon (and often use this board for inspiration). Today I ran 3 miles. 12.5 min/mile but I have awhile till the marathon and plan to work on that as I go!
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  • Ah! I missed so much!  Love the photos ftl, and loving the convo bouncing back and forth between hikes and drinking.  That is my speed.

    H and I hit the gym for weights before church this morning, and then undid it and then some with sugar.  I love jelly beans, like whoa.  I def overate in terms of candy, no clue how many calories, though.  The scale was already up a lb, so hoping it isn't up too much more tomorrow :(  Detoxing with lots of water and some rosemary tea now...

  • yeah we were at my mom's so it was inevitable.  we have SO much in the house now, but I don't think I'll have a problem od'ing on the rest of it, minus the jelly beans.

    lia, if you're still here, it's not too late to make your picks! go go go! :)
  • Hi mochie! TK decided my post was delicious and ate it.. rude. So round two.. 
    Welcome! Is this your first halfsie? I admire all the half-trainees out here. It pretty much blows my mind. 

    @lia- OOOOMG bubbles+gin cocktails are my FAAAVOOORITES!! Two best things combined into one cup of amazingness.. I'm going to be in Orlando in August. FYI. How far away are you? I keep forgetting where you are. I suck at geography, if you haven't gathered that just yet. lol

    @unchat- Like I said, I don't know many whiskey drinkers so that may be why I had never heard the term. We have three different types in the house, but I don't touch it myself.  "Sweet tea" however, is DEFINITELY a southern thing. We have sweetened ice tea everywhere, but the specific sweet tea? No. That's down in the bible belt area. I have been educated on the wonders that is this stuff, mutliple times over. 

    @swimmy- Sorry it's been a bit of a whirlwind for you lately, but yay for getting a little back on track today! 

    @xcaly we're not friends today. Because now I feel like a MAJOR slacker. *sigh* .. must.. go.. clean.. something.. *grumble* 

  • Hello. I, too just came from Walmart because Target was closed. I am amazed that a store chain based in the Bible Belt is open on Easter. I guess with stores starting to open on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I shouldn't be so surprised.
  • mochietoemochietoe member
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    In Response to Re: Sunday Accountability.. or chit chat:
    Hi mochietoe!  Is this your first half?  You definitely have plenty of time to train, but even 12.5 minute miles is better than most people who didn't run at all today!  If it's your first one, I'd just concentrate on finishing.  You'll probably be a running addict by the end of it and can work on speed training then :-)
    Posted by kwitherington
    Yes this is my first half. I am doing it to get in better shape for me/the wedding/life and cause running is addicting. Also I am raising money for prostate cancer for the half I am running (my FI's dad died from prostate cancer).  I am using HH's training schedule and I modified it to be longer (repeated weeks as he suggests). I am not worried about finishing in the front of the pack just about finishing but I do want to get a little faster.
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  • Happy Easter to those who celebrate - it was a day of lots of yummy food and treats. I did get in a 12 mile training run this morning so that should offset some of the calories. I don't think I ever reported on the (few) bracket workouts I got in this week. I didn't get a lot because of being sick but these are the ones I got to do - mountain climbers, quick feet, squats, standing quad stretch, seated torso stretch, standing cross leg stretch, seated hamstring stretch, and tricep behind head stretch. 
    Have a good night!
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  • mochietoemochietoe member
    100 Comments 25 Love Its Name Dropper First Anniversary
    edited March 2013
    In Response to Re: Sunday Accountability.. or chit chat:
    Hi mochie! TK decided my post was delicious and ate it.. rude. So round two..  Welcome! Is this your first halfsie? I admire all the half-trainees out here. It pretty much blows my mind. 
    Posted by firsttimersluck
    See my response to Kwith for more detail but yes this is my first halfsie. I have never run anything close to 13.1 miles but it is on my bucket list to do a half and I think I could totally do it so I am going for it.
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  • Glad to hear I'm not the only one overdoing the sugar today.  It's an overdone day that is a complete wash for me.  We had brunch this am with my family, and then a late lunch at FI's family's house.  Ugh. Lots of food, lots of sugar, ugh.  Good thing is, before it all, I got my butt out of bed and did a 45 min video this morning- at least I can feel good about that.  Tomorrow is a new day :)
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