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Postcards as Wedding Invitations

I have been seeing the trend of invitations as postcards. This sounds like a cost effective way to invite people, but I wanted to get more perspective on the idea.

Re: Postcards as Wedding Invitations

  • itzMSitzMS member
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    You can do postcards for Save the Dates or postcards for RSVPs.

    How on earth would you communicate all of your wedding information on a small postcard? How would guests RSVP if you don't include a response card?
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    I am not a fan. First, the reasons MS listed. Additionally, they will arrive pretty beaten up, and that is not the first impression I would want my wedding to make.
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    I'm not a fan either: 1) because of the reasons listed by the PPs, and 2) because guests are far less likely to take them seriously if they arrive in a cutesy, gimmicky form rather than a printed card.
  • Agreed with all of the above, and I think it's just a privacy thing as well. I used postcards for my save the dates, but I wouldn't do it for invites. Also, how do you do RSVPs? I'm assuming it's online or something, but I personally am not a fan of that for wedding invitations.
    Even RSVP postcards (which I've received 2 of so far this year, as a part of a slightly more formal invitation) seem to just lay it all out there. If I had to write in a concern about allergies or something like that, I wouldn't want it open to the world on a postcard.
  • I think it is perfectly "acceptable" to use post cards as invitations. I used post cards for our save the dates and I plan to do the same for our receptions. Our wedding is very casual, intimate, and I think that if you aren't wanting to go the traditional route, post cards are a great option!
  • I did post cards for my save the date, RSVP and my thank yous, but am having a very casual second wedding.  I want it to be simple and not fancy, everything else seemed too formal.  Postcards suited the theme of the wedding. 
  • Maybe look into Seal and Send invitations.  They are still relatively inexpensive, but maybe a step above postcard.  If you go this route, however, I recommend getting samples before you buy, as some look cheap and flimsy.  Additionally, send one to a friend or family member as a test run to make sure they don't get ruined in transit.
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