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Choosing a photographer

What were/are the top three things you considered when choosing a photographer?

I'm helping a friend plan her wedding and obviously failed at choosing my photographer. 4 months wait time, 18 edited photos BOO!

What do you think? What has made your decision to choose or not to choose your photographer?
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Re: Choosing a photographer

  • 1. High Quality Photographs
    2. Personality
    3. Professionalism / running a legit business

    PM me if you need a good photographer recommendation :)
  • 1) Qualityof work
    2) Experience
    3) Reviews/recommendations
  • 1) Quality and style of work I like
    2) Number of photos (and the rights) I will receive
    3) Reviews / personality of the photographer
    4) PRICE
  • 1) PRICE (I didn't bother looking at a website/gallery until I knew they were in budget)
    2) Style
    3) Quality
    4) What's included for the price

    I checked around online for reviews, but I also relied on meeting in person to decide.

  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    I actually just booked my photographer this evening!

    1. Style -- I'm picky about the colors in photographs.
    2. Personality -- I wanted someone we'd both really get along with.
    3. Price -- I liked her pricing scheme which is based on credits of $250 each.

  • I would say definitely quality and personality. You have to connect with your photographer to get better pictures. Price... it all depends on what you're looking for. My recommendation, check out jaymarcos.com. He's really good and pours his heart into his work. Good luck!
  • 1. Quality & Style
    2. Experience
    3. Personality
    4. Reviews

    We're using Erica Lyn from www.ericalynphotography.com and has all of the above
  • - Quality and Style (that includes experience!)
    - Personality - If you don't connect with the photographer, the work'll be damaged.
    - Reviews.

    You shoul always ask about number of photos, number of pages in the album, paper quality, if he'll give a CD or something like that with all the photos taken, and how many hours he'll be available at the party.

    And do not let none of those items not listed at the contract.
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    Choosing your wedding photographer can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but it shouldn't be.  Obviously a photographers quality of work is important, but I also think that your photographer's personality is just as important.  Remember, you are going to be with your photographer more than any other vendor you hire for your wedding, so be sure that you "click" with them.

    As for pricing, I would never advise anyone to go extremely outside of their budget, however, I don't think that a couple should use their budget as their main motivating factor in hiring a photographer if photography is important to them.  In the end, I think most couples would agree that they would rather have better quality work 2, 3, 10 years down the road than saving a few dollars. 
  • 1. Style
    2. Personality (you will be spending lots of QT)
    3. Reviews/Recommendations
    Michelle www.michellelange.com/blog
  • 1. quality
    2. how well do you mesh
    3. customer service guarantee
    4. clarity of pricing and contracts
    5. how fast do they answer my questions. 

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