DJ needed for Western Maine

We are getting married at Sunday River at the end of September and we are looking for a good DJ in the area or one that does not charge for travel. Any recommendations?

Thanks :)

Re: DJ needed for Western Maine

  • I went with Jenny Lendentre. She's super spunky and go with the flow. You can find her facebook page here for more info.

    Jenny - DJ Tinydancer

  • I have just decided to get married at Sunday River in 2014.  Do you have any recommendations/ideas for anything, specifically vendors?
    Thanks =)

  • Hello,

    I am getting married at Skiesta in June....yay!!  I am using Amazing DJ Music out of Portland and I couldn't be happier with him. He is also photographing the wedding. He is extremely dedicated an excited about what he does. His response time to emails/calls is impressive and he has been impecable with planning the entire day out as well. Well worth the cost! I am using Gourmet in a Pinch as our caterer. They too have decreased my stress level twofold thanks to his organizational and communication skills. We have sampled their foods several times and were quite happy with our experience. As for flowers, we are going through Pooh Corner Farm. Hope this helps, and good luck with the planning!
  • Stefani1976 - Thank you for your response! I am getting married at Ski Esta as well!! What an incredible venue! I am so excited to see it in person.  We have just finalized our planning and will be staying there for a 3-day weekend in October.  I am SO excited! Thank you for the great feedback on your vendors.  I have received a brief estimate from Gourmet in a Pinch..loved their customer service! I am glad to hear that you liked their food.  We are waiting to hear back from some of the other caterers as well to see what all there is to be offered.  I'll definately look up Amazing DJ, thank you.  I have just started my planning so haven't gotten very far yet but I would love to hear more about your wedding details (decorating, what all you're doing wtih your guest while there, etc). 

  • Hi There,

    Glad you found it helpful. That is one of the major reasons I went with the vendors I did...incredible customer service. They couldn't be doing a better job, in all regards (in my opinion). 

    We have decided to have both immediate families stay at Skiesta. There are two extra rooms, so we each chose a friend to also stay at the house. We are having GIAP cater dinner on the Friday evening before the wedding,  for the guests that are staying at the house and  a few other guests as well. Later in the evening, we are hosting a dessert, beer, and wine reception for any and all guests that are in town. Then, of course, comes Saturday...the wedding! I am keeping decor to a minimum, given how beautiful the space is. We have a spread of vases with flowers for the two main tables and candles in hurricane vases for each cocktail table. That is really it for decor. We will have some candles throughout the house as well.  We are doing horderves and stationery apps only, as we do not want to fill the space with tables. We have rented 12 cocktail tables and will also use the dining room tables and chairs that are already there. The living room is reserved for dancing :) We will also be telling people to use the house as they would like (game room, pool, hottubs, etc.). 

    Most guests are staying at the Jordan Grand. They have also been great to work with. They will provide shuttle service to guests. Unfortunately, this is not included in their stay. It is a cost for us. The one downfall about Skiesta is that there is little parking for a larger event. Hopefully the transporation we have set up works.

    Hope this is useful info. for you. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck planning!!!
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