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Hi Ladies,

It's time for me to start shopping for my under the dress stuff.  I would love to find something sexy yet comfortable.  My dress is a strapless tea length dress and my wedding is a beach wedding in July.

Any suggestions???

Thanks :)

Re: undies...

  • I would stick with comfort and support and leave the sexy for when you get to the room. it gets hot under the dresses and you are going to want to freshen up and change. Stash the sexy in the bathroom of wherever you will be on your wedding night.
  • ditto CMG.  I went with white cotton boyshorts with 'bride' on the hip so they were a little fun/flirty but not very different from what I normally wear.  I was a July bride as well and it got pretty steamy under the dress.  By the end of the night I was pretty cool and comfortable (A/C + temp dropped at night) so I didn't actually change for the wedding night, but I would have been super uncomfortable sweaty in really cute lacy stuff.
  • I go commando.  Even in skirts.  I'm planning on wearing a very big, ballroom skirt, with a heavy long train, and the full style multi-hoop petticoat that goes with this, as well as a garter belt and stockings.  Nobody will see 'nothin'...but I am still worried I will be wearing too much LOL compared to usual. I'm contemplating a small battery-powered fan discreetly on the floor near my legs for my sister and I.  We both tend to need to keep cooler than most people.  Keep that in mind - you would not want to be sweaty down there, and dance with sweat dripping down your thighs eh?  If I was you I'd do cotton, maybe boy shorts if you worry about a wedgie.

    Now I feel very intimate with you all. HAHA
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