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New Jersey

Wedding Venue

Has anyone heard any reviews or has been to The Appian way in Orange, NJ ...I heard the food was great and they have great prices...just wanted more insight.. Thanks!

Re: Wedding Venue

  • I went to an office Christmas party there several years ago.  The food was OK.  I don't really remember the food but I go to a lot of banquet type events so my lack of memory tells me it wasn't the best or the worst I ever had but I do rememeber it was well priced. 
  • RMMJSRMMJS member
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    Have you checked their website?  The prices look good to start with, but read it.  A wedding that is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday is an extra charge.  The cocktail hour is also an extra charge, as is the cake, anything besides chicken or sole for the entree.  Honestly, it does not look like you get much for your money and when they charge you for everything, you may be upset that you didn't go elsewhere. Drinks (even soda!) is an additional fee.  

    There are a lot of options if you are on a budget.
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