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Need help with bridesmaids accessories!

Hi all - 
My three bridesmaids will be wearing the same color dresses, but each different styles. It's the color "truffle" from David's Bridal. 

The wedding flowers are soft pinks, whites, ivory, and greens. Soft and romantic is the feel. 

Since it's an outdoor wedding in Minnesota, I want to buy them each a nice pashmina or wrap. What color should the wrap be? 

I am really bad with this kind of thing! Thanks!

Re: Need help with bridesmaids accessories!

  • I'd go with pink or ivory. Pink and brown go together really well and ivory goes with pretty much everything in my opinion (My bridesmaids were in blue dresses and I got the ivory wraps)
    photo a826c490-726a-4824-af5c-d938878de228_zpseb85bb5a.jpg
  • A soft pink might be nice. I love pink and brown together.

  • I was thinking a soft pink as my first choice, but just because my dress is ivory. So if they had on ivory wraps over their brown dresses, would the whole bridal party seem a little washed out????

    The men are wearing a light tan suit with a dark brown tie. 

    Thanks for your help! I'm so bad with colors! 
  • I don't think it will wash out your BP, there will still be a significant amount of brown visible.  But I think the pink is still a good option if you're really worried about it.
  • itzMSitzMS member
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    Just my two cents, but you might want to ask them if they are comfortable with pashminas. Personally, I can never hold the darn thing up high enough on my shoulders or correctly to keep me warm, so I prefer a cardigan.

    You could ask them to wear any cardigan or pashmina in ivory or pink if they feel they will need it.
  • Like I said, my BMs had ivory and my dress was ivory. It looked very pretty IMHO. No big deal. Wasn't as though their dresses were ivory
    photo a826c490-726a-4824-af5c-d938878de228_zpseb85bb5a.jpg
  • Thanks all! I do think they are comfortable with pashminas - there are three BM's - and all would know how to wear it and most likely wear it again. That is why I was thinking that would be a little more fun than a cardigan. However, they do own cardigans they could use. I was thinking this would be my gift to them for being in the wedding, along with something else. 
  • Another vote for ivory for all the same reasons previously mentioned.
  • I'd vote for a pink one for the reasons mentioned.  Either way - great gift for BM's. 
  • ViczaesarViczaesar Central Coast, CA member
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_wedding-party_need-help-with-bridesmaids-accessories?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:37Discussion:90c76d49-8dab-41e6-a175-01e00d486b74Post:48c82c59-5f1d-4175-8fbe-cc2fca78eb9d">Re: Need help with bridesmaids accessories!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'd vote for a pink one for the reasons mentioned.  Either way - great gift for BM's. 
    Posted by jdblnn[/QUOTE]
    Actually things to be worn in the wedding aren't a gift, they're a prop.  They shouldn't be considered to be the bridesmaid gift.

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