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Dealing with nerves pre-competition?

I'm currently sitting at work with jittery butterflies jumping around in my stomach before tryouts tonight - I always seem to get super nervous (read: totally terrified) before any big race or competition. My question for you is - when you get nervous before a big race, how do you manage it? Any tips, tricks or strategies out there I could steal to manage my nerves right now and in the future?

Re: Dealing with nerves pre-competition?

  • Phew. Thanks, kwith - you are right, sitting alone in my office stewing is DEFINTELY not helping. I think I'm just nervous that I will screw up, and for some reason will perform terribly. I know I can play at a competitive level, and have played with most of the people who were on the team last year. I think my biggest fear is I'll just have one of those days and even though I know I can do it, I won't perform well when it counts.

    That, and knowing you are going to be judged is pretty scary too!

    I'm going to put on happy music and do some foam rolling right now. And keep telling myself, I know I am capable!
  • Thanks for the cheerleading :) Much appreciated!

    Here goes!
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    good luck lady!

    I have gone through one too many tryouts (competitive sports my whole life.. D1 athlete) so i definitely understand the butterflies.

    Some things I definitely found helpful were having a routine. Something that I did before games that I could do everywhere and basically tell my mind "okay - its game time". I did some team warmup stuff but mostly I was listening to music and relaxing. After my warmup I would get ready and I would be interacting with my teammates but I always found it important to "stay at a 5". One thing our coach always preached was "stay at a 5".. when you get too high or too low that is when a lot of mistakes happen. I always try to stay even keel :)
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