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October 2012 Weddings

flower girl with veil?

So today me and my cousin and her daughter who is our flower girl went shopping for her dress. We found a mini version of my dress for a flower girl  so of course I thought that would be super cute and would love to have her in that dress since I love my dress so much too. My flower girl also wanted a veil. The veil that she picked out is very different from mine and initally I didnt have a problem nor really care that she wanted to wear a veil too. But after thinking about it more, does it seem not proper? I guess I'm not one that cares about everything being "proper" and since every bride and groom makes their wedding what they want, wheather it ends up being traditional or not, I'm still kinda of second guessing in a way. I just wanted to hear others opnions as well. I'm not worried about her "stealing" the show. Of course everyone will think shes cute when she's walking down with our ring bearer but it's not like they will be confused as to who's wedding it is LOL

Re: flower girl with veil?

  • I'm not sure about flower girls wearing veils. I don't think I've ever seen it done but if it's something that you want to do, I don't see why you can't have it that way. It would just make me think of a 1st communion if she had a white dress and veil.
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  • I am not a huge fan of her wearing a veil. I don't really think it is necessary. The dress matching is cute, but I think the veil is overdoing it some. I don't know that it would be "improper" in any way, I just think that as a guest I would see her walking down the aisle and sort of think twice, if that makes sense.
  • Yeah, I agree with PP's.  I am not a fan of flower girls wearing veils.  IMO, if anyone is going to be in a veil, it should be the bride only.  I also agree with PP that having the FG wear a veil would look way too much like their 1st communion.  I wore a white dress with a veil for mine and if I saw a FG wearing a veil, I would wonder why they look like they are going to their 1st communion and not a wedding.  But if that's what you want, you should go for it.  There isn't any rule that I have heard of that says FG's can't wear veils.  
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  • ya'll are freaking stupid. if the child wants to wear a veil, let them, stop being so selfish . ugh u people sicken me with your over opinionated bs
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