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Bridesmaid Processional to go with "Make You Feel My Love"

I'm using Adele's "To Make You Feel My Love" for my bridal processional and I'm struggling to pick a song that goes with it for the Mothers and Bridesmaids to walk in to.

Re: Bridesmaid Processional to go with "Make You Feel My Love"

  • your songs do not have to "go" together.  Just pick songs you like.  They will pause between the briday party and your entrance anyway, so they can fade their song; pause for people to rise and start your song for your entrance. 

    Make you feel my love is a beautiful choice :)

    I'm using 3 different songs: seating of family, bridal party and then my entrance. 

  • Hi:)  I might have a solution for you, I am doing something similar. I am walking down to Cat Power's version of "Sea of Love", and am having the mothers and bridal party walk down to an acoustic version of "Ave Maria", blends nicely:)  It's by Mark Magnuson on his album Acoustic Wedding.  Good luck!
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