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Sometimes It's About Me (vent)

*sigh* What is wrong with some people? And these people being my family. So we were orginally getting married in my hometown in VA, which is straight country in the middle of nowhere. There's a banquet hall and some churches, no unique venues. So my FI and I were thinking that a banquet hall and a church is just not us, we want something unique and different.  Thank God I had not sent out STD, but we have decided to change our venue to a great venue in Durham,  NC, which is a hour away in my FI's hometown. And here comes the bitching (excuse my language) from my family. Nobody's driving there, why are y'all getting married there and my favorite it's tradition to get married in the bride's hometown. Well if that was the case my choices would be the backyard, a field, or the banquet hall. So all weekend I've heard the constant complaining and nagging from my family about the distance. You wanna talk distance I live 800 miles away in IL, yall better be glad I didn't say come here for my wedding. I mean really, it is about me sometimes. I'm not choosing venues on convenience to others. Oh and did I mention I got some slack about our date because it's the weekend before Thanksgiving, I mean really who's getting married here? At this moment I feel like eloping if I have to deal with this for the next 6 months. My dad told me plain and simple if they aren't putting up any money then they can just shut up. Then one of my BM tells me well I don't know if I can make that drive, it's a hour away!!! I just can't with these people, I have too much going on. I just had to get that off my chest because it has been bugging me for days now. 

Re: Sometimes It's About Me (vent)

  • awwww so sorry your going thru this i wish ppl would just let it b about the bride and groom and not about them...some ppl tend to get in their feelings and it spoils your whole mood... But my thing to you is dont let them spoil your day or your mood tell them all to have a seat and relax YOUR GETTING MARRIED NOT THEM....

    Lilypie - H1jI

    Daisypath - MFL5

  • Im sorry you have to go through this. If you want to have your cerermony and reception in NC then go for it. Like you said, its not about what everybody else wants, its about you and your fiance. Dont let this get you down. Do whats best for you and your husband to because  at the end of the day that's who it is about. If they chose not to make that drive, shame on them. And remember,  regardless of who comes or not, you will still be happily married which is what matters most.
    Mrs. Mosley 2 be
  • like all the ladies day dont worry about them those who really love you will make it and the rest can leave you the heck alone.. this is all about you guys not them so ..if you want to get married an hour away from your fi hometown.. thats where its going to be..i cant stand family sometimes... and that might be better for the guest list because then you dont have to worry about the people coming.

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • Thanks so much for letting me vent ladies, I've had it up to her with these people!! Thanks so much for the support 
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