Petal toss at night? Fresh or Feeeze dried? Recommendations please

My reception venue will not allow sparklers for our exit. They said only fresh petals or bubbles. We are leaving the reception around 11:00 PM, will the petal toss show up in the exit photos being it will be night time? I really don't want bubbles cuz they can be sticky, messy and possibly stain my dress.

Another suggestions welcome!

I've priced the fresh rosé petals and they are gonna run me about $140.00.

Is there a difference in getting fresh or freeze one better than the other?

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Re: Petal toss at night? Fresh or Feeeze dried? Recommendations please

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    It really depends on what color the rose petals are and how much lighting will be around you as to whether they will show up or not.

    Honestly, I would just skip the send off.  Or move the flower petal throwing to after your ceremony so it will be light out and will easily be seen.

  • My colors are coral/salmon and I've found petals that are almost perfect. They are FRESH not freeze dried. Is there an advantage of one over the other? Kimberly
  • I can't speak to which one is better, but you're wedding is in 2 weeks, right?  Is that enough time to order freeze-dried petals?  I'm assuming you've looked into that since you've priced it out already, but I wanted to throw it out there!
  • Do it as an exit from the ceremony and you don't have to worry about lighting.  Price and quality wise, I'm not sure what to tell you.  I know our local grocery stores have rose petals that are really inexpensive, good quality, etc and can be purchased the day before (and refrigerated) or day of.
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  • cost wise fresh are cheaper. and I do not think it makes a difference  if it's light or dark. they will reflect in the flash from the may loose the color of them at night. I aways recomend that the bride use a variety of colors....much less expensive. We have a wholesaler who sells us old roses at a deep discount for this purose.Ask your florist if they offer this at their wholesalers.
  • Thanks. I bit the bullet and ordered fresh coral/salmon petals to toss at night when we leave our reception. My venue showed me some pictures of previous weddings and they looked amazing especially with the couple going down the stairs.
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