Has Anyone Tried Gwynnie Bee?

Our engagment pictures are coming up and I was thinking about trying Gwynnie Bee (it's like Netfix for your closet with plus size clothes!).

Has anyone ever tried it out?

I figured for the price of one nice dress, I can get 10 outfits for the month for our pictures!

Anyone else?

Re: Has Anyone Tried Gwynnie Bee?

  • Never heard of it but I'm intrigued now.  Let me know how it goes if you do try it.
  • It's a cute site, but it seems like mostly skirts and dresses. I don't really wear either very often. 
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  • After seeing this post I was intrigued by Gwynnie Bee. I actually signed up for the free trial and I love it so far.  I'm actually wearing one of their dresses right now. 

    I think it's a great concept and they make it really easy!
  • Kate, do they have other options?? Like jeans and shirts? Or is it mainly dresses?
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  • They have shirts, jackets, and blazers.
    They do not have jeans.

    I love dresses so it works perfect for me!
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