Get photos with your flower proposal!!!

I'm a little under a month out from my wedding and I had a final planning meeting with my florist. There were some major discrepancies between what the initial quote was and what the florist was telling me in this most recent meeting. 

I printed photos and also looked through many books at the shop so I thought I'd conveyed a clear vision of what I was looking for and that the florist understood that AND her prices were reflecting my vision. 

Now, a month out, she decided to inform me that the photos I presented to her were 3 to 4 times the amount that I was quoted and that I budgeted for. 

Something similar happened with my bouquet a couple of months ago and that should have been a warning sign. They offered to do a sample bouquet and said it would be available at a wedding show. I paid to get in to the wedding show and my bouquet was not there to see. I think made an appointment in the shop to see my bouquet and it looked nothing like the photo I showed them from day 1. Then they proceeded to tell me that my vision would cost much more. 

Long story short, notes on a sheet of paper may work for the dj or caterer, but PLEASE make sure you get your florist to sign off on photos as confirmation that your vision will come to life months later on your big day. 

Re: Get photos with your flower proposal!!!

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    Didn't you get a contract stating what was going to be done and what flowers were going to be used?  Our contract was pretty detailed.
  • I got a contract and it spelled out everything. Plus after our initial meeting, we set up another appointment where my florist had a sample of the girls bouquets, my bouquet, the tall centerpiece and shorter centerpieces. I cried when she brought them out. They were beautiful. I took pictures too. I'm getting married in 15 days and am not the least bit worried about my flowers. Did you not get a contract? Did you put a deposit down? I wish you the best. Kimberly
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