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April 2013 Weddings

OMG - my wedding coordinator is calling me names!

So as most of you know, we had a LOT of problems with our wedding coordinator, which resulted in a lot of bumps along the way in terms of planning, as well as several big bumps on our wedding day.  The 2 big ones were that we paid for airbrush makeup and I got regular makeup, and that we paid for a narrated trolley tour of Savannah (since only 2 of our guests had ever been there, and most of them were only staying 2 days so they wouldn't get to see much of the city)while we were off taking photos after the ceremony but it was not narrated - they just drove around for an hour.  (My hair/makeup person was also an hour late, causing us to have to skip the first look photo shoot and leaving our guests wondering what was going on, my bouquet arrived half dead, he took at least 3 weeks to respond to my emails once he had several thousand dollars of our money, he never seated the mothers or bothered to keep the front row open for them, and a bunch of other things that a good wedding coordinator should have done.)

I wrote the wedding coordinator to express my displeasure and this morning he wrote me back, saying he didn't remember me asking for a narrated trolley ride, but he'd send a check when he had the time.  He also said " it seems your a very unhappy and angry person and im sorry for that"  OMFG!!!!  No he didn't!!!!  Surprised

I wrote him back and ripped him a new one.  I know, I know.... I should have calmed down first but good grief - what kind of "professional" does that?!?!?!?  And of course I'm angry and unhappy - he took my money and didn't hold up his end of the bargain.  What does he expect?  That I'd be pooping glittery rainbows and say "It's ok Chad, go ahead and keep the money for services you didn't provide?"  Friggin idiot.

I already wrote to the Savannah Chamber of Commerce to let them know about his shady business ethics, how he treats his clients, and how that reflects on brides who may be considering Savannah for their weddings.  I also called the trolley company to let them know that he is taking money from brides for narrated tours, but only scheduling "ride-around" tours with the trolley company.  I've filed with the BBB and am looking into as many online review sites as I can find so that no other brides EVER have to deal with this idiot ever again. 

Initially, I was wondering if I should have just let this go and when I wrote him the initial letter, I even posted here that I felt bad about it.  Now I don't feel bad at all.  The gloves are off!
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Re: OMG - my wedding coordinator is calling me names!

  • Seriously, what a jerk! That's is so obnoxious.  It's ridiculous and unprofessional to resort to name-calling. I'd write online reviews - everywhere! and post about him on the local board too!

    I'm sorry he's giving you grief!

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  • Seriously!! I have no sympathy for business owners who don't do what they are paid to do. None at all... so he is getting what he deserves, especially after that very unprofessional response of his! You go!
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  • Yikes, I'm sorry you have to deal with that! How unprofessional.

  • How unprofessional of him! While my sister is an event planner and does vent about some of her clients she would never say anything like that to a client. They can think whatever they want to, but once those words come out it's a whole different story.
  • Oh wow!!  That is not professional at all!!!  So sorry!
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  • Glad you stuck up for yourself and hope he keeps his word on some kind of refund. Good luck!
  • I was scared this would happen, i had a binder with all my wedding info in it from day 1. So i printed out all of our contracts, all emails, and copies of all the checks that anyone wote for the wedding. I was sooo paranoid! Its the one piece of advice i give to all brides!

    Im sorry it happened to you and i would do everything in my power to make sue they know you mean business!
  • Ugh, terrible! I'm glad you're taking a stand.
  • Well, I finally talked to a supervisor at the trolley company and as it turns out, he never scheduled a tour AT ALL.  Not even a ride-around.  All he scheduled was to pick the guests up at a designated spot, take them to the ceremony site, wait there, and then take them after the ceremony to the reception site.  Yet I paid him for a tour.  (He also had it noted with the trolley company that they might have to go back to the ceremony site a second time to pick up the bridal party.  Now, the trolley holds 30-32.  We had, including us and the photographers, 22 guests.  There were only 2 adults and 3 children in the bridal party.  WHY would he tell them they'd have to go back a second time?  He never mentioned that to me, and I never asked for it.  WTH!  )  I let the trolley company know what he was doing and they were LIVID.  My next call was to the Chamber of Commerce to let them know what I found out and they asked me to forward all my emails, contracts, and the name of the person at the trolley company that I spoke with.  I can't believe this guy even has a business license!!!

    Dani, I had a similar binder with all our contracts.  I had no idea that the trolley tour wasn't narrated until it was over, because while our guests were on the trolley, we were on a carriage, riding around taking wedding pics.  And by the time I realized there would be no airbrush makeup, it was too late because it's not like I could send her back to go get the airbrush equipment when she was already almost an hour late and we only had a hour to do hair, makeup, and get me into my dress.  :-(  I know every wedding has bumps and I expected some - I just didn't expect so many.  It's like everything this coordinator touched ended up being messed up.
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