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May 2013 Weddings


MAY IS FINALLY HERE! I am so excited for you gals who have weddings this weekend. Mine isn't until the 18th so I am dying waiting for the weather report. Seattle weather is extremely crazy around this time of year, Sunday we are suppose to have somewhere between 75-80 (which is unusual because we don't even get heat like that in July).

As a side note: my FSIL just texted me and said "I see living room furniture headed for your house. EXCITING" I am so freaking excited!

How is everyone else holding up? What is on your last minute to do list? Our RSVP deadline is today and we are waiting on about 15 more people. YAY


  • Our RSVP deadline is this Friday. We haven't heard from quite a few people so that will probably be a weekends worth of stuff to do. I have a lot of little DIY projects like the table numbers, our choose a seat not a side sign, our favors. We are meeting wtih the DJ on Monday, getting our marriage license on friday and our rings need to be resized plus getting rooms together and writing notes to the wedding party and getting our parents gifts and tons of other things...ahh tons of stuff but I'm still more excited than stressed so I guess that's a good thing :-)
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  • We are also on the 18th! I can't believe how close it is!!!!  We still have to do place cards, welcome bags, and organize all our parent and bridal party gifts.

    How are people handling place cards that are doing them on their own? We don't know if we want to handwrite, try to print, or use clear labels.
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  • Our date is May 25! My fiance turned to me this morning and said "we get married this month!!" Ahhhh. So excited. I am not sure what else I should be doing. I have a mega long list of thing to do, but I am sure I am missing things! Our RSVP deadline is Monday. Hope we get those last cards in!
  • For our place cards, I ended up printing them. I don't have the patience to hand write them and don't have the best hand writing. That way I could pick a font I like etc.

    That clear label idea is definitely a good one that way if you print something wrong you can toss the label. I feel like the cutting and folding of place cards is going to take the longest.

    How are you setting up the place cards? Alphabetical? By table?

  • lalanslalans
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    We are following up on some missing RSVPs and today I am sorting out issues with our hotel.  Apparently having a block of rooms for a family event, and thus lots of people with the same last name is too difficult for the hotel and half the reservations are totally wonky.  Joy.

    We have a bunch of other little things to do:  Seating charts, place cards, finalizing ceremony, ect.
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  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey
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    YAY! I have less than 3 hours left of work and then I'm off for 18 days! I have to get waxed after work and then I need to pack for the weekend and for South Africa. I'm so happy, I haven't stopped smiling all week!

  • I seriously can't believe that it is May already you guys! I hope that all us of have amazing weather on our wedding days. 

    Yesterday, my mom and I finished making the flower girl baskets and they came out so good. I'm super happy with them. I hope our little 2 year old flower girl will be able to throw some petals. Tomorrow, we have an appointment to apply for our marriage license. :) Next, I have to email the DJ our "play" and "do not play" lists which we still have to do! And write my vows which are surprisingly difficult. 

    We are waiting on 2 RSVPs (only because we invited 2 extra people which meant sending out those invites later). We will ask these people at the end of the week. 
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  • Happy Wedding Month everyone! I am getting really excited and a little switch went off last night when we met with our Pastor: I went from being really worried about all the details to being really excited to get married! My goal for the next 3 weeks is to remember to put it into perspective and focus on the "getting married" part instead of all the little details. I'm so excited for planning to be fun again- as long as I keep my attitude in check. :)

    I am acutally eerily on par with TK's to do list which is a first! I have pretty much all the little details (signs, programs, gifts, seating chart), decorations to finish, meetings with DJ to give music lists and with the event planner at the venue. I still have 47 out of 170 people who haven't responded and our RSVP deadline is today! This weedend will be a lot of calling/emailing/texting but most of these people are on FI's side so he can call while I finish the centerpieces.

    Best wishes for everyone getting married this week! I am hoping for great weather and perfect weddings for all of you!!
  • Just piping in from May 2011.

    Congratulations on getting married THIS MONTH ladies.

    Deep breaths. and keep smiling.

    Thursday, May 5th, 2011
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    Ask me stuff.
  • We are May 19th and I am sooooo excited!!!! We got all our RSVPs except one friend who I will definitely find out about by next week since we have to give the final head count to the caterer. It's feeling so real now and I think the feeling will really hit me next week because I will realize I'm getting married the week after that! We got our marriage licence today and still have plenty of mostly small things to do but I feel ready. Congratulations to all of us on our wedding month!!!!!
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  • Dani182Dani182
    OMG!!!!!  I am so excited!!!  My wedding is on the 11th and my FI and I finally went and got our marriage license today.  I hope all the ladies that have weddings this weekend have WONDERFUL weddings!! 
  • I'm getting married tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so excited
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  • I think excitement is an understatement. We had our rehearsal last night and everything went great! Last day of work today then off to get pampered. Also, our first set of guests from OOT are arriving today so I can't wait to see them.  We've done all that we can so hopefully everything goes well......AND the weather here in Toronto is supposed to be beautiful this weekend!!!
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  • kacy973kacy973
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    Our wedding is Sunday and I feel like we still have lots to do, so now it's all about prioritizing.  

    I'm worried about favors - they were supposed to arrive yesterday and I got tracking notification that they left Colorado yesterday.  I think we have all our vendors on track, so it's the little things - signs, a few more centerpiece elements, gifts, and the ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket!  ugh!  I'm such a procrstinator.  

    Cleaning up around the home is also on the todo list before people start coming.  We had a maid service come in to help us out, so it's really about tidying and spot cleaning.  I'd be embarassed if I hadn't been so stressed about getting it all done.

    We don't have a wedding planner, so have been trying to get all the pieces together on our own.
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  • tlc35tlc35
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    Squee!  Our RSVP deadline was yesterday so I need to figure out who to call this weekend because they haven't responded.  I have to get FI to compile the list since I am working out of town.  Ugh.
  • Congrats to all the MAY brides !! Im May 25th. Its our time !!
  • In Response to Re: IT'S MAYYYYYYY!!!!:
    [QUOTE]For our place cards, I ended up printing them. I don't have the patience to hand write them and don't have the best hand writing. That way I could pick a font I like etc. That clear label idea is definitely a good one that way if you print something wrong you can toss the label. I feel like the cutting and folding of place cards is going to take the longest. How are you setting up the place cards? Alphabetical? By table?
    Posted by huynhette[/QUOTE]

    I'm going to organize ours alphabetically. Our reception suggests that since we're using the kind that fold, that the names are on front and the table number goes on the inside or the back to avoid any line up at the table of people looking to see who else is at their table.

    Congrats to all the May brides! Our month is finally here! :-)
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