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evergreen florist in stoneham

Hi ,
I was wondering if anyone has used them on here and what their experience was with them.  When we first met with them I was really impressed so we put down a deposit.  However,  when we met with them for the samples I was so completely disappointed.  They literally looked like they were just stuffed in the vase.  Even the vase was not what I was shown in the catalog.  My wedding is only 28 days away and I wasn't sure what to do.  Has anyone ever had this happen....how did it turn out?  I have heard wonderful things about them .... I just did not see that in my samples ..they didn't even have a sample of what mine would look like... they were horrible and now I am worried that the centerpieces will look just as bad.......  :( Any advice?

thank you

Re: evergreen florist in stoneham

  • A Friend of mine used them for her wedding Sept 2011 and everything was beautiful. I have also heard from several other people that they really like their work. I was considering using them for my March 2014 wedding so please let me know how things work out because I would be curious if the quality is no longer there
  • I called and spoke to her and I have another appointment in the plans to work out something that I actually do like so I will let you know how that pans out......I have not heard anything bad about them so maybe its because my colors are limited to red & white .... not sure.  Anyway, I have to use them because I dont have time to look for another florist and I dont want to lose the money we already put down so I will definately let you know how everything works out for my wedding day too.
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    My future in-laws live in Stoneham and have said expressly that they have not been impressed with their work- they use a lot of filler, the flowers aren't fresh, expensive, etc. There's a woman that they worked with for the funeral flowers for my fiance's grandmother and they were mind-blowing! They explained that she loved the beach so the florist managed to include sea grasses, lots of gorgeous blue hydrangeas, and even an amazing flower that looks like coral! I just facebooked my FMIL and I'll post the name as soon as I get it :) Hope this helps!

  • This is the website: 

    Her name is Susan Rolli- give her a call! Hope this helps!
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