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Tell me what you wear to work as far as shoes go.

My shins went into hyper hurt on my run today. So that's two days in a row now. I ran 2.5 miles and called it, which is too bad because I actually got to run outside today for once. I already went to the Nike outlet and got a new pair of Free's, so hopefully tomorrow is better.

I've had shin splints on and off for years. At their worst even just standing for more than a few minutes at a time was agonizing. I find certain shoes I wear throughout the day effects my shins. Like sadly, Chuck Taylors destroy me, even with super inserts. I recently bought some Sketcher Active shoes in black to wear for work thinking they'd be easy on my shins being they're meant for working out in. I doubt they're the problem since I've been wearing them like a month now. But I'm just curious what comfy footwear you guys wear during the day since it's tough for me to find shoes that don't destroy my shins. 

I'm really thinking it was just time for new running shoes. My current ones have logged a lot of miles, probably beyond the 500 they should, so it's time I guess. I was hoping to hold out until after the wedding, but I refuse to not run, so, so goes it I guess. 
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Re: Shoes

  • Really just work/dress shoe and daily shoe input. I run in Nike Free's and have no shin issues until they hit the end of their life. Once the support is gone I feel it immediately. My shin problems, however, are exacerbated by what I wear throughout the day, so finding work shoes is tricky. 
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  • I run with my vibrams and love them, but just like kwith I bought some Saucony Kinvaras' (on BF's insistance, he's stayed with the Saucony brand for 10+ years). Life. Changing. Saucony also makes slimmed-down versions of their shoes, and they come in a stupid amount of colors. Check their website AND Zappos.
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    cnf - not sure if you have insurance that would cover it, but I have a friend who had the same issues with shin splints (majorly recurring, severe pain) and the thing she found helped was real orthodic inserts tailored to her from a podiatrist for both athletic and daily shoes. However, they cost around 500$ so without insurance to comp that, are pretty out of reach.

    Other than that suggestion, I'm afraid I don't have anything too helpful to add - I usually wear dress flats or boots that don't have much support! Clarks is the brand I've found that offers the most cushioning and support for me.

    ETA - my exercise shoes are Brooks Pure Cadence - also 4mm drops!
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    I put good quality gel inserts into my quality Target flats. :) Haven't had any leg/knee issues since.
  • When I worked in a "home improvement warehouse" where the floors were concrete, I had major back/leg issues. I started using a drugstore insert called "the 4oz miracle". They're a light blue colour and you cut them to fit. They are miles ahead of anything else I used.

    They were so comfy that I could wear keds and not have issues.

    When I was waitressing, I bought a pair of the Sketchers workout sneakers (I had the Mary Jane style and called them my Franken-shoes). They were a bit silly to look at (long pants fixed that), but were seriously comfortable. I can't say that they lived up to the hype of weight-loss shoes, but they were totally worth the money for comfort.

    Now I'm wearing Earth Shoes at work. They're okay too.
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  • Hello all! I am a teacher but I paid my way through college working at a high end shoe store. You might consider adding some arch support! Try a brand like Dansko (you can grab them on sale at that has awesome arch support. It will alleviate the pressure placed on other areas of your feet, and should help with leg/knee/and back pain :)
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    I don't think I would be of any use suggesting shoes to you, I wear fashion boots or 5" heels at work daily (occassionally a flat). None of them are really meant for comfort though...

    Goodluck! Let us know if you find something that works.
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    I actually do very well in heels and they surprisingly enough don't bother my shins. But I hate when my feet get cold, so I don't wear them much during the winter. 
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  • Good thing it's spring/summer seasons! Bust out those peep toes!
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