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Post Wedding Stuff...

So FI is making me think that after we get married and back from our honeymoon that there's going to be SO MUCH that I'll have to do to get my name changed and get all of the army side of stuff done that I'll need to have an extra 2 weeks off from work. Please tell me that it isn't really THAT bad. I know there's a lot that I have to do but I get 3 days off a week from my job and feel as though I could get it all accomplished without taking any additional leave. I'm already taking off a week prior and 10 days after for the HM. I just need some insight on the whole process after we get hitched. Thanks!

Re: Post Wedding Stuff...

  • It depends on the state you live in, but it literally took me 1 day to get my name changed at the social security office then at the DMV. The longest part was waiting for our official marriage certificate to be processed. I think I had it within 2 weeks from the wedding. Then it took a few phone calls and forms signed and sent it to get my name changed on all my credit cards and insurance. Don't stress. You'll get it all done in no time.
  • Wait, are you in the military or is he? As a spouse, there wasn't any type of medical screenings that were required. My husband just took our marriage license in and had me added to his benefits and a note of his account so that he would start receiving the "with dependents" pay. I could be wrong, but I've never heard of that. Maybe someone on here has had a similar experience and can help more.
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    He's in the military. I just had a DOD job on post amd I had to go through all of those medical screenings. I've googled a lot and every "check list" for new military spouses seems basic and not complicated and doesn't include medical screenings,but I guess we shall see!
  • I went through the command sponsorship process in AK last summer and it was not a big deal--just make sure you have your actual Social Security card when you go to get an ID, not just the letter they give you confirming that you will get a new card. The "medical screening" involves bringing your medical history paperwork (or having it emailed/mailed) to the hospital. You then take 5-10 minutes to sit with a hospital administrator who confirms that you don't have any illnesses that make living OCONUS possibly detrimental. This was not a huge deal and with two pre-existing conditions I passed just fine. Good luck! And make sure you know your husband's SSN by heart if you don't already!
  • kelty24kelty24
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    Amazing! So this definitely answers my question! Thanks for the info and that is definitely what FI was talking about. This confirms it and confirms I won't need 2 weeks off for just all of that stuff. I just want to be overprepared so I don't have to shuffle back and forth to post if I don't have to
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