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This Is My Confessions....

 I confess i do alot of other things at work besides work LOL

I confess this whole RECEPTION thing is driving me insane, I just want what i want and im having a hard time convincing the MR that its gonna turn out cheaper the way i want it!!!

I confess that although im having a reception i still want a nice fit and flare dress to wear and if my friend tells me again its only a reception and to look at cocktail dresses im gonna effin scream

I confess these other boards on TK have some very negative and as they say "snarky" chicks that really need to get some and get over themselves its not that serious...CALM DOWN ITS JUST A WEDDING

I confess that i cant wait to have this meeting today with my planner and come to a final decision as to what we are going to really do..

I also confess that im in love with my colors...CORAL, IVORY, CORAL PINK, TAN, HINTS OF BRONZE (BROWN), BLUSH, and colors of that nature.....

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Re: This Is My Confessions....

  • I confess the next person that asks me why I chose the date I did and the location of my wedding will get a serious cursing out. I'm about tired of this nonsense

    I confess that I am so happy this semester is coming to an end this week and that I made it without cursing out one of these rude TAs I have to work with 

    I confess I'm slacking in wedding stuff I gotta get it together this summer 
    • I confess Im lazy and I  just started working out last week  for this wedding.  SMH...I
    • I confess Im tired of these darn coworkers inviting themselves to my wedding.
    • I confess I keep looking at wedding dresses and REALLY want to buy another dress.
    • I confess Im drained on wedding planning.
    • I confess I really hate flowers and I absolutly DO NOT want to spend my money on flowers thats gonna just die
    • Last be not least, I confess I hate going to work on the weekends and already thinking bout calling off on saturday...   
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  • I confess....

    I wish these people would get in line and just do what the f---k I ask them to do! Why does everything have to be a damned excuse, question, complaint, etc. JUST DO IT!!!!!

    I'm about to give up the ghost and just go with Men's Warehouse or Jos A. Banks for the guys' tuxes. This is what I get for trying to support my own people! They just can't get their ish together!!!

    This wedding is starting to keep me up at night.

    I am seriously on edge. My tolerance level is at -20

    Can somebody PLEASE tell me why my MOH complains about me not involving her, but when I give her ass a simple task, she never follows through on it for me!!!

    I feel like going into my bedroom, closing the door, turning the music WAAAAAAY up and screaming expletives until I feel better.
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  • AWWWWWWWW Dannitra poor baby....although i knw how u feel i have been feeling like screaming a few expletives myself at a few ppl LOL

    Im here if u need to talk honey..

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    I confess this week has been pretty good. I'm shocked I haven't gone to work yet but I'm sure it's coming. I confess that my moh is very pushy and I will be happy when all the showers and parties happen so she can come back down to earth. She thinks my money is long but it's not I confess I need to start working out bc time is slipping away. I confess I am going to have a cafe con leche' and bread then get on the workout plan. I confess homedepot is my new favorite store even though its expensive and makes me sad when I run out of money

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  • I confess... I have been considered by a lot of people to have the most patience in the why do I all of a sudden feel like screaming!!!! I confess... I feel like my brain is constantly in planning mode and I can't wait for this wedding planning to end!!! I confess... It was a crazy idea to move and have a wedding all within 2 weeks!!!
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