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First PT Appointment - Success

So I had my first physical therapy appointment today and it was great.  My muscles in my ankle are so tight so we worked on moving the ankle a bit and applying pressure to the leg.  Not going to lie, it was very awkward and felt funny at times, but I know it can only get better from here.  My physical therapist gave me some exercises to do at home that will not only help mobility and strength, but that will help build muscle back in my calf and thigh.  And as a bonus, he is also my neighbor and has offered to come to the house at night if I don't have a ride to his office.

So happy that I am on my way to walking and working out in the gym again!  Laughing 

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Re: First PT Appointment - Success

  • Congrats, 50shades! Physio can definitely be a really tough journey, but the progress they help you make can be amazing. My biggest advice (because I didn't do it) is make sure to prioritize the exercises they give you every day! That is where you will really see the progress.

  • Big thumbs up to this whole thread!! Laughing
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