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Photographers on Oahu

Aloha Girls!
We are going to Oahu this May for a scoutting trip and are thinking about portrait shots for save the date cards, and possible for wedding day too, any recomendations for photographers?

mahalos for your suggestions :)

Re: Photographers on Oahu

  • Depending on your budget, I would highly recommend Derek Wong Photography. He is expensive but worth it. photography was one thing that we were willing to pay for. We recently got our wedding photos & they are amazing. He was fantastic to work with & very professional. Good Luck with the planning!
  • We are going with Isle Media because they do photography, videography, hair/makeup all in one. Our wedding isnt until May but I've been impressed with everything on their website/blog/facebook so far. Our main contact has been Reese and he's been AWESOME. I dont have to wait more than 12 hours usually for a response to an email. A winner in my book when you're planning from a distance!! 
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While trying on a wedding dress, I asked my 3 year old niece what she thought. She responded "where are your glass slippers?"
  • We just did our engagement shoot with Stephen Ludwig.  He was really easy to work with and pretty amazing.
  • I liked Isle media but the vibe just wasn't there. I mean don't get me wrong their photos are beautiful! 

    Also check out Dulce.. it's a sister or more like daughter company to Visionari. Their photos are amazing, yet affordable. They were actually our first choice until we met Frank.

    The photographer we're going with is Frank Amodo. He is a creative genius! He is such a down to earth, genuine guy.. he can make an ordinary photo look fabulous! Plus with the amount of photos he takes per hour and his expertise, it was a definite yes! Plus I felt he put me at ease, and I think that's the main thing with any vendor. Yes anyone can be affordable or talented but until you meet the person behind the camera, and the chemistry fits, you just know. So make sure you speak to your photographer. I would highly recommend to skype and get to know the person behind the camera :)
  • Have you looked at Frank Amodo?  He's amazing!  If we were getting married on Oahu, I would have hired him in a heatbeat.  Here's his site, but be sure to check out his photo blog to see shots from whole weddings  (not just the best shots from multiple wedding)

  • My faves on the island are Frank Amodo & Shawn Starr.
  • We just used L'Amour Photography for our wedding in Feb. We just got our highlight photos back and absolutely love them. We were debating between L'Amour and Derek Wong for the longest time. I love Derek's photos too and we really clicked and got along well, but we opted for a more vibrant feel in our photography since we were getting married in Hawaii. John Hook was the main photographer for our wedding, (we had 2 photographers for our package) and he was so easy going and nice and put all of us to ease. We didn't even know he was there. We now call him the photo ninja. He captured everything that I was worried I didn't without being intrusive at our wedding.

    Here is the link of our highlight photos if you'd like to take a look.

    Good luck! I think it is really important to make sure you talk to the photographer on the phone and make sure you feel comfortable with them and you have a connection! :-)
  • We were stuck for a while between Christie Pham, Wendy Laurel and Steven Ludwig - chose with Christie at the eend!

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