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MOH Drama!

Well, my MOH decided she doesn't want to be in my wedding. So that leaves me with 1 BM and 2 GM. I have no idea what to do. I can ask another friend if she would like to be my other BM to complete the count, but I don't think I really want a MOH anymore. 

We had a fight about something so petty. I just thought she was a better friend to me and my feelings are crushed. To make matters worse she is my co-worker, so I get to walk passed her every day at work now and pretend nothing is wrong. 

I am at a loss for words. The details are mundane. I think she is being completely ridiculous, but she said some hurtful things about me that I won't ever be able to forgive so I am trying to move on.

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Re: MOH Drama!

  • AllieBear725AllieBear725 member
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    Oh gosh, this just keeps getting better and better. My FI decided to text MOH (bless him) and she proceeds to text him saying it was my idea for him to text her.... It was NOT. I told him not to get in the middle of it, stay out of it. I don't control the man, but great..... Now her ego is boosted because of him and the drama continues. 

    I have decided to leave her alone. If she wants to be my MOH or even my friend for that matter, I expect an apology, which I more than likely will not receive. I'm okay with that. I decided to leave the wedding party as-is without her. 

    I just can't believe her reply to my FI. It makes me furious and disgusted that she thinks so highly of herself that we have nothing in our lives to do but think about her. PUHHHHlease.

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  • She does!

    At this point though, I have washed my hands of the situation. I'm over it. It sucks, and it hurts, but it's better to know she isn't a true friend now then to have found out later like a day before the wedding you know?

    I'll get over it. 
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