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I'm looking for a venue for 160-180 guests. My ideal place would have lots of windows for an indoor ceremony and sit down reception. I've been looking at country clubs but they get pretty pricey. I wouldn't mind a traditional banquet hall if it was light and airy, and preferably with windows. My ideal price would be $100 all in. I know that might be a lot to ask for but anything higher will make my wedding too expensive. I'm open to Toronto, Vaughn, Woodbridge, Mississauga etc. Pretty much anywhere 30-40 mins outside Toronto. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Bonus would be if the food is good.

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  • Check out Toscana in Vaughan - I believe they have a lot of windows in their well, while the Royalton doesn't have a lot of windows - it has a beautiful foyer with a gorgeous chandalier where I had my ceremony.  The ceilings are high and beautiful.  The Silli lounge was great to have our cocktail hour before the reception in the Princess Ballroom.  Also check out Atlantis in Toronto or Palais Royal.  To get it around $100 - you will definitely have to have it off season.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check it out.
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    I just want to update this post by providing a list of venues we considered using the criteria above. I'll give a list of pros and cons. Hopefully, this list will help future brides who are looking for a similar type of venue. We cut down on our price per person by using our wedding cake as the dessert.
    • Credit Valley Golf & Country Club, Mississauga - We ended up booking with credit valley mostly because of its views. The hall and patio overlook the golf course and the valleys. There are lots of tall trees that provide a picturesque environment. Pros: exclusive venue, coat rook can be set up as a kids room to entertain the tots, lots of windows + access to patio, and ceremony can be done outside on the patio. Cons: $1500 room + ceremony fee, mandatory $15000 spend  (not hard to do if you have 140+ guests), not much room for negotiation  on prices, and we were subject to a price increase on some of the items after booking. We were advised that if prices go up again we will not be subject to another increase.
    • Bayview Golf Club, Thornhill. The hall has windows overlooking the golf course but the windows are at the side. Pros: exclusive venue, chiavari chairs are included, nice interior, the staff are great (always warm and friendly) and they are willing to negotiate on room rental and ceremony fees. Cons: guests would not be facing the windows as they are at the side (so back to a baquet hall feel), and there are a number of supporting colums in the hall that could potentially block the view for some guests.
    • Cardinal Golf Course - lots of windows with the hall and patio overlooking the golf course. Pros: good price point, willing to negotiate, willing to waive ceremony fee, friendly consultant. Cons: oudoor ceremony on the greens is at a premium ($1500 I believe), indoor wedding in a seperate space can only be accommodated for a small wedding. Otherwise they have to flip the same room for a large indoor wedding. This venue is not exclusive - they can hold two weddings a day, possibly overlapping. The outdoor space was just neutral, nothing picturesque about it (keep in mind Iwe visited during winter).
    • The Doctors House - Pros: their main ballroom has nice french windows, dark wood floors, chiavari chairs, and a huge space. Their outdoor patio space is beautiful, equipped with a nice white chaple. Cons: this venue does a number of weddngs in one day and the patio space is shared (I believe there is a divider to seperate the weddings). Merella, the wedding consultant has bad reviews online - the main complaints was that she didnt always follow through with what was promised. My meeting with her confirmed that she is willing to tell you what you want to hear. When she didn't like the questions I asked she became insulting and condescending. As beautiful as the hall was I would never book with her.
    • Oakview Terrace - Pros: great all in one spot, equipped with a patio, chaple and a number of gardens for pictures. Cons: I don't think the hall can comfortably seat the amount of people they say it can fit. I think 140 would be comfortable vs 180-200. The vendor was not very negotiable with prices. For example, they have a wedding package that includes a pasta course. We did not want a pasta course because we will be adding late night stations. When I asked about taking that item out of the package they said they can only reduce the package price by $1 per person...yup $1.
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