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Rhode Island

Name Change

Those of you who have already gotten married and changed your name- maybe you can help me with this. We got our marriage license a few weeks ago for our wedding on 4/27 and I was still trying to decide what to do with my name, so I left the "Name after Marriage" spot blank. Now I have decided that I'm going to change my name to first middle maiden hislastname - do you think I will have problems at the SS office with this since I didn't write my new name on the marriage license? Maybe I should go back to the city clerk and get a new license with my new name written in?
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Re: Name Change

  • I am not sure if you are going to have an issue, but if it helps I just did this last week
    I changed my name to first, middle, maiden and last name. I did have "new last name" on my marriage license, but i didn't even know I did tat (especially since I wasn't planning on changing it) I think that the clerk at the town office did it for me.The SS office lady didn't check that, all she did was look at the certificate and checked the seal and handed it back to me.
    You might want to either call or just go there, I went around 12 and everyond had left for lunch. there was no one in line (in prov) and I was in and out.
  • I don't remember there being a "name after" section on my marriage license.  (I got married in Warwick, RI).  I didn't have any problem at the SS office at all.  I did, however, have a problem at AAA when getting my new license.  I had changed mine to First, Middle, Maiden, Married.  AAA insisted that I had two last names (it was really two middle names.)  It was such a hassle that I went back to SS, had it changed (again) to First, Maiden Married. 
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  • So I went to SS yesterday and had no problem changing my name (but I went at 12 and there were a million people there! So, I had to wait a while, but that's okay!). I'm going to the DMV tomorrow, so we will see if I have as much trouble as you did, Sarah! Hopefully not!

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