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Fine art photographer at 1500?

I am hoping to spend $1000-1500 for a wedding photographer that is I guess more of a fine art and photojounrnalistic photographer. I am open to it not being the whole wedding and just pictures of me getting ready, portraits, and portraits with my bridal party and family and ceremony. I am looking for someone that does more natural lighting or photos seem more like a realistic coloring. I like some one who uses a film camera or edits their photos like a film camera. Does anyone know any one I could contact?

Re: Fine art photographer at 1500?

  • Emily Winiker is my wedding photographer and she is awesome.  You're not going to find anyone to do your wedding for $1500, including Emily, but if you up your price or don't want a full 10 hours wedding, maybe you can work something out with her.  she is on facebook 

  • Hmmm, depending on when your wedding is maybe Erica Lyn from We're using her. Good luck. 
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